Unique Purple Desserts From Korea Are Now Available In Yorkville

Unique Purple Desserts From Korea Are Now Available In Yorkville

Another unique and aesthetically pleasing dessert spot with a healthy yet purple twist has opened its first Canadian location in Yorkville. The popular Korean dessert chain, Cafe Bora is completely in love with purple treats!

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Known for its signature palette of violet-hued sweets, Cafe Bora specializes in 100% natural desserts made only from purple sweet potato. You can expect everything from purple ice cream to purple porridge to purple sweet potato lattes!

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According to Blogto, the company was founded in the Samcheong-dong neighbourhood of Seoul, South Korea, in 2015, but has since expanded to include multiple locations throughout the country, as well as stores in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

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“Cafe Bora’s dessert menu is characterized by offering diverse experiences, as well as delicious dessert together.”

We’re excited to welcome Cafe Bora to Canada and have a strong feeling they are going to be a big hit! Prepare for lots of desserts to choose from like red bean lattes, peanut ice cream, green tea tiramisu and more at 87 Yorkville Avenue.

Source: Blogto.com
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