15 Of The Most Unique Restaurants In Toronto Right Now

If you’re looking for a dining experience that’s unique and unforgettable, the 6ix has got you covered! Check out the most unique restaurant experience in Toronto.
15 Of The Most Unique Restaurants In Toronto Right Now

When it comes to cuisine, Toronto is one of the best cities to live in. There is no shortage of different types of food; basically everything under the ethnic rainbow. Better yet, if you’re looking for a dining experience that’s unique and unforgettable, then these spots have you covered there as well. Among the plethora of eats, there are also some pretty interesting restaurant concepts out there. Forget just sitting down for a meal, because that’s so last year.

Take a look at 15 of the most unique restaurant experiences in Toronto right now, and satisfy your curiosity AND taste buds all in one go.

Poop Cafe

unique resturant experiences toronto

This one might be a bit controversial, but believe it or not, it’s insanely popular. Eating out of the toilet isn’t just for the dog anymore, because now you can eat out of a toilet bowl when you visit Poop Cafe on Bloor Street. This dessert shop serves up treats like ice cream, lattes, and much more out of, yup you guessed it, toilet-shaped cups and bowls.

Storm Crow Manor

unique resturant experiences toronto

Voted as Toronto’s Greatest Geek Bar by Toronto Star, Storm Crow Manor is filled with theme rooms, secret doors, bubbling cocktails, randomly-generated burgers, and tentacles. What’s even cooler is that you can do shots called “Brian Fluid” and order Star Wars-inspired bowls!

Hana Sushi


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If you’ve ever wanted to dine at a restaurant where a monorail will serve you and you can order on an iPad, then head over to Hana Sushi. The sushi here is super fresh and if you’re not in the mood to converse with a server, then this place is definitely for you.


unique resturant experiences toronto

Looking for a cool place to play ping pong with friends? Head to King West’s SPiN and play a few rounds while indulging in tasty eats and drinks. This spot is definitely a far cry from the regular ol’ restaurants and bars on the trendy strip.


unique resturant experiences toronto

Judging by the name O.Noir, you can probably guess what this resto is all about: eating in total darkness. Relying on your senses alone is going to give you a totally different experience and our spidey senses are tingling. But don’t worry, O.Noir let’s you pick your meals before entering and there are some surprise options for the more adventurous folk.


unique resturant experiences toronto

Figures is easily one of the coolest themed restaurant in Toronto. What looks like a simple comic book store from the front, actually has a secret entrance to the dining area within. If your favourite superheroes were in need of a speakeasy, this would be it as Figures pays full-blown homage to all the comic book classics, right down to the names of the drinks.

Tilt Arcade Bar

unique resturant experiences toronto

Tilt Arcade Bar is like a blast from the past with every old-school arcade game imaginable. While it isn’t a formal sit down restaurant, the menu has everything from poutine to corndogs. It’s the perfect fuel as you take a break from one of the 14 different pinball machines, skee ball, and Nintendo 64.

Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc

unique resturant experiences toronto

Get ready for a ride on a magic carpet! The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc will transport you to, literally, a whole new world. Complete with divans, cushions, fabric tents, and candles, you might actually forget that you’re still in Toronto. Not to mention, there are belly dancers meandering about while you enjoy the Moroccan-French cuisine.

The Shameful Tiki Room

unique resturant experiences toronto

The Shameful Tiki Room has become one of the most coveted Parkdale destinations, perhaps because it always feels like summer there. Dishes come in items like Tiki heads, while your drink might be served in a volcano bowl. When dining here, plan to stay for a while because you’ll be on Island time because there’s no need to rush when you’re in paradise.

360 Restaurant

unique resturant experiences toronto

Okay, while 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower might not be anything new, the novelty never wears off. There’s something about dining way up in the sky in a rotating room that promises a unique dining experience. You’ve definitely never witnessed spectacular views of the city like this during dinner before.

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse


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Copacabana is a haven for carnivores, as you’ll be surrounded by juicy spires of meat. Rather than ordering one dish, servers will come around with massive sticks of meat and carve off pieces of whatever you’re craving. Can’t choose between steak and chicken? Have them both! Literally: there isn’t a limit on how many times you can carve, eat, and repeat.

The Lockhart

unique resturant experiences toronto

Sorry no muggles are allowed at The Lockhart – only wizards. This Harry Potter-themed bar and restaurant will alight the magic in anyone with all of its drinks, or rather potions and concoctions. Not to mention the accompanying Harry Potter decor might start to fool you into thinking you’re a student at Hogwarts.

Mysteriously Yours

unique resturant experiences toronto
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This dining experience doesn’t come without a good old fashioned murder mystery. The interactive dinner experience at Mysteriously Yours sees diners trying to figure “whodunnit”, but not without freshly prepared food and drinks of course. Top it off with a prize for whoever guesses the murderer first, and you have one entertaining meal.

Robo Sushi

unique resturant experiences toronto

This North York gem may seem slightly out of the way, but believe us, it’s totally worth the drive. As the name suggests the futuristic restaurant is run by primarily by robots. Some friendly robot greeters will take you to your seat, and three tiered robot servers will bring out your food. Once you take the food from the trays, your robo-server will ask you for a high five and then be on its merry way.

Mustafa Turkish Pizza

unique resturant experiences toronto

Mustafa can be found not too far from Yorkdale Shopping Centre and it’s definitely a resto to check out if you’re in the area. Specializing in Turkish cuisine and pizza, eat your delicious food and flatbread in a dining room that looks like one of Turkey’s scenic caves. The decor even features fake vines, wooden tables, and benches made from whole tree trunks to complete the vibe.

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