Urban Outfitters Is Moving Into The Clothing Rental Business

Fashion can be tricky. For starters, in a social media driven society, no one wants to be caught dead in the same outfit twice. But shopping for a new wardrobe every season is expensive, not to mention, bad for the environment.

As more and more shoppers Mari Kondo their closets and transition one-time-wear fast fashion out of their lives, companies are starting to take notice. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in fashion rental companies, and the once-niche market is gaining traction.

Over in the states, household retailers like Ann Taylor, American Eagle, and Express have joined the subscription service race, and now another big name is entering the rental market.

urban outfitters clothing rental

Teen favourite Urban Outfitters recently announced that it would launch a clothing rental service.

The retailer announced that it would launch an online subscription service by the summer of this year. Dubbed Nuuly, the service will allow shoppers to borrow six pieces of clothing for $88 a month. And it won’t just be Urban Outfitter branded clothing up for offer