The 10 Most Comforting Cheesy Dishes in Toronto to try this Fall

Fall screams for comfort food and cozy blankets. These cheese-filled dishes at spots throughout the city will help you stay warm this fall.
The 10 Most Comforting Cheesy Dishes in Toronto to try this Fall

It’s happening: The days are shorter, the leaves have gone from photo-worthy to gross, and the dockside beers of summer have become a distant memory.

In addition to sweatpants and pumpkin spice lattes, nothing satisfies the cozy comfort found in warm, cheese-filled dishes (unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case, sadly, this article isn’t for you).

The cheese-lovers will find the ultimate gooey comfort with these cheesy dishes at spots throughout the city.

Jurassic Junkie Pizza from Junked Food Co.

Satisfying those weed-fuelled munchies (or any munchies) like no other is the Jurassic Junkie Pizza from Junked Food Co. The fully loaded deep-dish pizza includes the spot’s addictive Crack Mac & Cheese (which can be ordered on its own), Dr. Pepper pulled pork, bacon, mozzarella and a creamy cheese sauce.  

Image: Instagram/ @junkedfoodco


King’s Crown Nachos at Sneaky Dee’s

Those who know agree that Sneaky Dee’s has owned the city’s nacho game for years. While they offer nacho platters of all varieties (including vegan), the King’s Crown is a longtime favourite, and the fact that a generous portion of gooey cheese is layered throughout makes them even better. While they may come with a steeper price tag than most spots, these are definitely worth dropping the extra dollars on.

Image: Instagram/ @thesneakydees


T.O.’S Best Truffle Mac and Cheese from Prohibition Gastrohouse

If you’re looking to eat your feelings, head over to Prohibition Gastrohouse and order the addictive T.O.’s Best Truffle Mac and Cheese. Made with Italian artisan pasta (but also available in gluten-free), this dream of a dish features a blend of Gruyère, Emmental, L’ermite bleu, black truffles, fresh herbs, truffle oil and shallots, all in a buttery biscuit crust.

Image: Instagram/ @chefshedden


Soupe a L’oignon at Le Select Bistro

A go-to and menu mainstay at Wellington Street’s Le Select Bistro is their celebrated Soupe a L’oignon Gratinée. This comforting French onion soup subs the Gruyere for gooey raw-milk Emmentaler, which is generously smothered on top of crispy fried croutons.

Image: Instagram/ @mattymatheson


Grilled Cheese at Aunties & Uncles

To cure that hangover one gooey bite at a time, head to brunch spot Aunties & Uncles and order the home-style grilled cheese. Served with challah bread, this reliable sandwich keeps it simple with Canadian cheddar and tomato (bacon add-ons are optional) and is served with housemade ketchup. The best part is that at only $8, it won’t break the bank either.

Image: Instagram/@forks__spoons


Giovanna Pizza From Queen Margherita Pizza

If you’re in the mood for a Neapolitan meatless pizza that’s topped with memorable cheese, the Giovanna Pizza from one of Queen Margherita’s three locations is a solid choice. In addition to green olive, garlic basil and sun-dried chili, the pizza features both fresh buffalo mozzarella and asiago.

Image: Instagram/@queenmargheritapizza


Halloumi from Mamakas Taverna

Popular Ossington Greek spot Mamakas Taverna serves up some of the best (and spot-hitting) halloumi cheese in the city – and the app-sized dish is so good, you may want to order two. Perfectly grilled in all of its gooey glory, the cheese is served with sweet corn and grilled peach.

Image: Instagram/@mamakastaverna


Poutine from Leslieville Pumps

The poutine at Leslieville Pumps is worth the trip to the east end. It features fries covered in the BBQ spot’s herb salt mix, rich smoked beef jus gravy and both orange and white Ontario cheese curds. While the addition of things like beef brisket and beef brisket chili amp the dish up, one thing is certain – you’ll want to spend the additional $2.50 for extra curds.

Image: Instagram/@foodelventures


Canestri at Buca Yorkville

While all of the pastas at Buca are completely diet breaking-worthy, they are made even better when topped with the always fresh, soft and creamy water buffalo fresco. Buca Yorkville’s Canestri is filled with veal and pork sausage, wild abitibi chanterelle mushrooms, ragu bianco, preserved lemon and, of course, that dreamy water buffalo fresco.

Image: Instagram/ @bucatoronto


Cumbrae Farm’s Dry Aged Burger from Montecito Restaurant

If a burger is what you’re craving, the Cumbrae Farm’s Dry Aged Burger from Montecito Restaurant – where everything on the menu is locally sourced – doesn’t disappoint. Not only is the beef juicy, fresh and features house-cured pancetta, the addition of local 5 Brothers cheese completes this comforting dish.

Image: Instagram/@montecitotoronto

Would you try one of these comforting cheesy dishes? Comment below!

Featured image: Instagram/@junkedfoodco

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