10 Canadian Food Trends For 2018

10 Canadian Food Trends For 2018

From making your life easier when it comes to cooking, to learning more about what’s good and bad for us, Loblaw’s has helped us uncover the Canadian food trends for 2018. Here are some of the predictions:

(1) Meal Kits:
With Canadians working longer hours, who’s interested in coming home late and spending precious time slaving in the kitchen? That doesn’t mean living on junk food. You can still prepare quality meals with a little help from meal-kits. Meal-kits, which come with fresh ingredients measured out for a specific recipe created by top chefs, allow you to throw everything together in minimal time for maximal taste. As 2018 approaches, these kits will gain in popularity and consumers will look for value pricing and increased customization options.

(2) Breakfast with a Twist:
For hardworking people, trying to make time for breakfast is a challenge. But eating breakfast is important, as it provides protein to fuel you through the day. Watch out for the increase in portable breakfasts for morning commuters. They will be less traditional breakfasts, with an emphasis on proteins such as chicken, seafood, and beans.

(3) GIY:
Canadians are getting on-board when it comes to the Grow-It-Yourself culture. We are constantly bombarded with news about chemicals and unhealthy additives in our food supply and want to know where our food comes from. People will increasingly use public spaces to grow food, from backyard beehives to balcony herb and sprout gardens.

(4) Reduced Sugar:
We’ve learned that some fats can be good for you (ahem, avocados!). As we learn the effects of sugar on our bodies, no one is suggesting sugar is good for you. Consumers will be more conscious of searching for foods low in sugar content.

(5) Gut Health:
It’s something nutritionists are talking about these days, and a topic we should all read and learn more about. The use of pre- and probiotics, as well fermented food, will continue to gain in popularity as more people gain an understanding of the importance of gut health.

(6) Decadent Desserts
Millenials put a major focus on food that aesthetically pleasing. We’ve seen the demand and love for macarons shaped like animals and other Instagram ready foods! Continue to enjoy crazy toppings on shakes and emoji shaped dumplings, but keep your eyes peeled for the latest craze.

(7) Wake and Cake
Who doesn’t love cake in the morning? Eating your sweets earlier in the day allows for more time to work it off by the evening. So, why not indulge every so often?

(8) Fat Focused
Now that we know that some fats that are good for you, many will return to more full-fat options, including dairy products such as yogurt and milk.

(9) Retro-Inspired
Find inspiration in recipes from the past, with a twist to the future. These types of foodie options are popping up in menus all over the city.

(10) Food Experiences
Living in a virtual world has opened our minds to new food themes and ideas. People are seeking novel food variations that appeal to the senses and nostalgia. What’s more exciting than a unique and memorable experience with food?

Image: Instagram/@KiinToronto


What other food trends do you predict for 2018?

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