12 Of The Funniest LOL Sephora Reviews We Could Find On Twitter

While we appreciate the sincerity, what we like even more about these reviews is the execution: HILARIOUS.
12 Of The Funniest LOL Sephora Reviews We Could Find On Twitter

If you’re obsessed with Sephora, the next time you’re bored, try reading some online reviews. While many are informative and honest, I’m not talking about those reviews… What you really need to read are the ones that will have you ROFL. Let’s just say that honest is an understatement. While I appreciate the sincerity, what I like even more is the execution: HILARIOUS. Take a look at 12 of the funniest LOL Sephora reviews we could find on Twitter below.

When the Sephora review is relatable AF:


Something’s not right here:


If you needed any more convincing about Fenty products:


At least they’re being 100% honest:


When you’re just trying to speak your truth:


Sometimes it’s good to get straight to the point:


When bad things happen to good people:


Anyone who references Harry Potter knows what’s up:


Try explaining to me how that’s a problem:


When your spell check accidentally gets turned off:


Too much information, but at least we know it works:


Some people shouldn’t be allowed to leave Sephora reviews:

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Featured image: Instagram/ @sephora