5 Affordable Alternatives for the Most Popular Shoes Right Now

Don’t let your bank account fall victim to your designer shoe addiction! There are plenty of lookalikes to make the purchasing process less painful.
5 Affordable Alternatives for the Most Popular Shoes Right Now

“I make shoe contact before I make eye contact.”

Within the past few years, I’ve definitely realized the importance of shoes and their ability to make or break an outfit. My bank account has definitely been victim to this expensive realization, but luckily, there are plenty of designer lookalikes to make the purchasing process significantly less painful! 

Take a look at 5 affordable alternatives for the most popular shoes on the market right now below.

High: Gucci Leather Horsebit Slipper, $780

These loafers/slides have become an absolute wardrobe staple — shoe game strong if you already own a pair! If not, save yourself some bills and purchase Steve Madden’s spinoff of the original Gucci slipper. This shoe is perfect for (almost) all year round — this pair can easily dress up denim, while still pairing perfectly with your favourite dress pant. Size up in the Steve Maddens, because they do run a full size smaller. You’re welcome!

Low: Steve Madden Doriana, $80

High: Yeezy Black Knit Ankle Boots, $995

The high ankle boot style has me feeling ways. Transform your look from day to night in seconds with this shoe. I genuinely prefer Zara’s version of this style over Yeezys — sorry, not sorry Kanye. I love the flexibility and stretchiness this shoe offers, especially because my ankles are smaller and typically feel loose in a more structured bootie. Zara’s footwear selection gets me through my favourite season. Keep in mind that a lot of what they offer online is not available in-stores or sells out quickly. We suggest ordering sooner rather than later!

Low: Zara Fabric High Heel Ankle Boots, $79.90


High: Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boot, $998

Thigh highs enhance your legs for days. Not only is this style perfect for keeping your bare legs warm in the colder weather Canada sometimes likes to deliver, they also transform your outfit from a 7 to an immediate 11. Since we’re not Gigi Hadid, we can not afford to be dropping 10 bills on this wardrobe necessity, so we’ll settle for Steve Madden’s “Gorgeous” style. Let me assure you that these babes need to be broken in, so wearing them on a night out, where you’ll have some alcohol to ease the pain, is definitely recommended. May you enjoy non-skirt weather more with these boots hugging your thighs.

Low: Steve Madden Gorgeous Boot, $150

High: Prada Strappy Platform Sandal, $918.66

Prada knows best, and these little things add another dimension to a denim fit — #glamup! This type of heel is not only pretty to look at, but extremely comfortable; it’s a win-win situation. When you’re trying to add a few inches while being comfortable, the Trixie platform accomplishes both tasks pretty well. Steve Madden is reliable for designer dupes when it comes to footwear, so before dropping (hundred) dollar bills on designer, always check their frequently updated stock!

Low: Steve Madden Trixie Platform, $125


High: Saint Laurent White Court Classic SL/06 Sneakers, $645

I just had to end with a classic sneaker. Adidas has made quite the comeback, and I support them- in case you were wondering. I have had this pair of Stan Smith’s for two years and they are probably one of my comfiest pairs of shoes, so thank you for the inspo Saint Laurent. The original Stan Smith is such a simple and classic style, making it easy to pair with your casual weekend look! To add an edge, pair with fishnet socks and you will most definitely create “a look”.

Low: adidas Stan Smith, $110

Stock up on these styles like, yesterday! Because by the time October rolls around, I can guarantee that most of these dupes will be sold out.

Featured Image: Instagram/@jessicawhitaker

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