5 Reasons to Shop The Newly Renovated Winners College Park Location

The thrill of finding something of value at a great price is one of the best feelings as a shopper and time and time again great deals and fab finds pop up at WINNERS.

Finding a great deal is the essence of our core at StyleDemocracy. The thrill of finding something of value at a great price is one of the best feelings as a shopper and time and time again great deals and fab finds pop up at WINNERS.

We had an opportunity to check out WINNERS newly renovated and expanded location at College Park and let us tell you, the WINNERS team put their work in and the new space is bright, very organized and offers everything a fashionable shopper could want.

From luxury finds in the Runway section, to the beautifully curated bags and accessories area to the expanded activewear section and the expanded beauty section WINNERS truly has it all.

Always New Great Finds, It’s Like a New Store Every day

With new product coming in all the time, shopping at Winners WINNERS is an experience in itself. It’s one of the only places we can think of that is like shopping at a different or new store every time you visit.  There is nothing like finding a great piece of clothing or an amazing
accessory at an unbelievable price. There’s also nothing worse than missing out on a great deal so check in often and regularly as Winners WINNERS has everything you need to keep you looking stylish this fall.

Expanded Beauty Selection

In an effort to expand their offerings, the newly renovated College Park location boasts a beautifully expanded beauty section that features everything from skincare to mascara.  Keeping up with your beauty regime can be an expensive task. Lucky for you with new items arriving all the time at great prices, you can keep up your routine all year long without breaking the bank.

Amazing Service, Amazing Selection

Often when you shop in a discount setting, customer service can be relaxed or non-existent even. Not true at The College Park WINNERS location. The newly renovated fitting room area is one of the most beautiful changing rooms we’ve ever seen. A nod to the locations history, marble accents and staircases bring back memories of College Park’s art deco past. The bright lights, helpful staff and huge clothing selection make shopping at this Winners location feel like you’ve just stepped off 5th Avenue into one of the world’s premier shopping destinations.

While there is a huge selection the WINNERS at College Park is beautifully curated making finding what you want easy. In the bag section, beautiful handbags are colour coordinated. Boots in the shoe section are expertly stacked and the racks are always sized
properly and merchandised correctly.

One of The Best WINNERS Locations

While not officially their flagship location, the College Park location is one of the biggest and is centrally located making it easily accessible by the TTC. The sheer size of the space means that there is more of your favourite product, and gives you more opportunities to find a truly fab find.

Always Low Affordable Prices

We wouldn’t be telling you how great WINNERS is if the value wasn’t there. WINNERS routinely has the best prices around. If you are looking to get the most out of your dollar and still maintain exceptional style WINNERS is hands down the best choice out there. There is always new product and the product is always priced at a level that gives you the customer exceptional value and allows you to leave the store knowing you got the best deal around.