5 Shopping Stories You May Have Missed

Did you know there’s a huge Chinese Dollarama and Uniqlo Competitor coming to town? And the best place to buy sneakers online.
5 Shopping Stories You May Have Missed

 MINISO, Dollarama & Uniqlo’s Competitor From China, is Set to Open in Toronto

Our friends at Retail-Insider are reporting that China-based variety retailer MINISO has considerable plans for expansion throughout Canada and especially in Toronto. MINISO, which positions itself as a “Japanese Lifestyle” brand and specializes in value-priced household and consumer goods, has already established itself in Vancouver and is looking to make MINISO a national Canadian brand…Read More

What’s the Deal with Toronto’s Last Zellers Store? We Take a Peek Inside

StyleDemocracy challenged me with the task of investigating a Zellers store that I drive past nearly every day, just West of Toronto. Yes, you read that correctly… a ZELLERS STORE! This appears to be one of the last Zellers stores in Canada, in fact… Read More




The emergence of the sneaker culture in Canada can be seen throughout the nation. Gone are the days of paying for your shoes in foreign currency, as well as paying for that expensive international shipping and duties. As the sneaker community in Canada continues to grow, we have seen the growth and expansion of Canadian retailers where you are able to purchase the latest sneakers, from limited editions to general releases… Read More



I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever been reminded by my older, wiser peers to double check my receipt after a purchase. And I’m also sure I’m not the only one that has been charged full price for a sale item, either not realizing it or not doing anything about it after the fact. Well, now is the time to take action because CBC News just released an article about how a simple little error (being overcharged) could get you purchases for free… Read More


Questions Every Dollarama Shopper Wants to Know – We Asked Them!

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about Dollarama lately. While we love talking about Dollarama, each article generated many questions from our readers about how Dollarama actually works. How they choose certain products, where products are sourced from and Dollarama’s plans for the future.  We caught up with a spokesperson for Dollarama and asked her the top questions we received from our readers. Take a read below and let us know if anything surprised you…Read More