5 Smart Tips On How To Avoid Making Mistakes While Buying Clothes Online

To prevent online shoppers remorse and up the chances that you’ll be pleased with your orders, check out our 5 smart tips for buying clothes online.

Shopping online definitely has its perks — you don’t need to wait in lines, leave your house or even change out of your PJs if you don’t want to. However, there’s still a few drawbacks, like finally receiving that dress you’ve been waiting for, only to find out that the fabric is paper thin and you can’t even zip it up. To prevent online shoppers remorse and up the chances that you’ll be pleased with your orders, check out our 5 smart tips for buying clothes online below.

1. Know Your Measurements & Check the Size Chart

Before clicking “add to cart”, it’s always a good idea to whip out some measuring tape and take note of your measurements that could affect how the item fits (i.e. bust, waist, hips, and inseam). After doing this, you should compare your measurements to the retailer’s size chart to see what size item you should actually be ordering — although you may be a size 6 at one retailer, you could be a size 4 at another!

Another thing you might want to look at is the size the model is wearing; her height and body type can sometimes give you an idea of how an item actually fits.

2. Keep a List of Retailers You’ve Previously Shopped With and Your Sizes

It’s worth jotting down a list of the sizes you’ve ordered from online retailers that you’ve had success with on your phone or computer. This way, when you spot an adorable pair of jeans on their site, you can save yourself some time and confirm instantly that you’re a size 28!

3. Read the Material Description

Since you can’t actually touch the item you’re buying and it may be hard to judge what the fabric feels like based off a few photos, reading the material description is a must. If you find wool itchy and read that the sweater you’re about to buy has a high content of it, you’ll know it’s probably better to take a pass.

4. Read the Reviews

When it comes to shopping online, customer reviews are your best friend. While an item may look great on the model in the photo, it’s always good to hear from other customers whether it fits true to size (or runs small/large) and what it looks and feels like in person. Also, seeing pictures of what it looks like on other people besides the model in the review section can be extremely helpful.

5. Check the Return Policy

Even if you’ve followed all of the above steps, there still might be the occasional disappointment with your online order; which is why you should always familiarize yourself with a retailer’s return policy before you place an order with them. If an item ends up fitting awkwardly or looks different than it appeared in photos and you can’t return it…you’re sh** outta luck!

Do you have any tips for buying clothes online? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Instagram/@lordandtaylor

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