12 Festive Dessert Ideas For Corporate Christmas Party

Holidays are coming soon, you’ve probably already booked your corporate event caterer and agreed on the menu, but it’s never too late to add a dessert.
12 Festive Dessert Ideas For Corporate Christmas Party

Holidays are coming soon, you’ve probably already booked your corporate event caterer and agreed on the menu, but it’s never too late to add a dessert. What better time to indulge in sweet treats than during the Christmas season. Consider desserts such as cakes, trifles, and pies that are must-haves during the festivities. Here are few ideas how you can add some Christmas mood to your event:

1. Christmas Fruit Cake

If you want to go all in, choose the classic fruit cake for your Christmas event. Your corporate party caterer can prepare a fruit cake with a fresh, unique taste. We all know everyone loves cakes, especially those made with healthier ingredients such as cherries, mango, and cranberries. This is one of those few desserts that most people at the corporate event will love to try out. You can even have the slice wrapped perfectly and given to the attendees as a gift.

2. Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

If you must have a cookie during your Christmas party, gingerbread cookies are among the healthiest options to include. Compared to other options like chocolate chip cookies that contain lots of fat and sugar, gingerbread cookies are packed with vitamins and minerals. What’s even better, they taste amazing and can be incorporated as starters, in main meals or as a dessert. Ask the caterer to finish up the cookies with Christmas-themed decorations.

3. Cranberry Tart

This dessert is commonly incorporated in the Thanksgiving menu and it can also suit your corporate party during this holiday season. Your corporate caterer will certainly recommend the best cranberry tart recipes that adults would love. With everyone opting for healthier food choices, a cranberry tart will be a top favorite because it includes healthy fresh cranberries that are super delicious.

4. Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes

Ask your caterer to include some dazzling cupcakes as desserts if you want to wow your corporate party guests this holiday season. The cupcakes are beautifully decorated for the holiday season with cream, sprinkles and peppermint candy cane bites. We love how the decorations complement the Christmas colours and blend perfectly with the holiday theme.

5. Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Who said adults cannot enjoy some Christmas candy? These snowman marshmallows will certainly catch everyone’s eyes at the corporate event. They are not only easy and quick to make but so cute and catchy. You can serve them on sticks to make it easier for your guests to pick or even package them so they can carry as gifts. You have numerous options to customize the marshmallows depending on your corporate party theme.

6. Cinnamon Apples 

Ask your corporate party caterer to use fresh apples to make tasty desserts which are perfect for the holiday season. Cinnamon apples are such a tasty side many of us love. They can even be served alongside the main course meal (they really go well with chicken or turkey) or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as dessert. The best part is, cinnamon apples are so versatile. You can get numerous ideas from your caterer regarding how to best serve apples for dessert.

7. Christmas Toasts With Scrambled Eggs In The Shape Of Christmas Trees And Stars

Perhaps you want to wow your corporate guests with something different, fun and exciting. Why not get your event caterer to prepare toast with scrambled eggs making the shape of a Christmas tree and stars? The attendees are likely to be familiar with the ingredients, so they’ll love the creativity and enjoy the unique taste.

8. Ice Cream With Chocolate And Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love ice cream for dessert? Choose a unique flavour of ice cream that your guests will love. Ask your caterer to consider adding a new twist to plain vanilla ice cream by spicing it with chocolate and cinnamon. Cinnamon gives the ice cream a very distinct and almost roasty flavour. The caterer can use ground cinnamon along with the chocolate to make this dessert.

9. Hot Chocolate With Melted Marshmallow Snowman

Another dessert that’s perfect for Christmas holiday parties at the office is the melted marshmallow hot chocolate. Your guests will enjoy sipping the hot chocolate through the tasty marshmallows on top. This is exactly what everyone at the office needs after a long, cold day. This dessert has a unique texture because the marshmallows eventually dissolve into the hot chocolate leaving a tasty foamy layer on top. Choose this creamy, bubbly and foamy treat if you’re looking for the wow factor at your corporate party.

10. Strawberry Santa Claus

The strawberry Santa Claus desserts are simply too cute. You can have your caterer make these mini-Santas using strawberries and whipped cream. With a few chocolate sprinkles, the dessert comes with extra flavor. This army of strawberry Santa Claus is something everyone will look forward to.

11. Christmas Tree Made Of Japanese Sponge Cake, Cream, And Shortbread

This is one creative dessert that you can ask your caterer to incorporate into the next corporate Christmas party. Unlike the classic fruitcakes, this mini sponge cake is light and spongy plus has just the perfect shape and colors for the season. The sponge cakes can be topped up with strawberries, chocolate or other decorations.

12. Christmas Canapes

Why not get the party started with tasty Christmas canapes? This dessert option is an absolute favourite during corporate events. You can choose from so many options of canapes. From avocado and prawn cocktail canapes to pickled onion croquettes, your caterer can choose just the right ingredients to come up with tasty and beautiful looking canapes the guests will love.

At en Ville Catering, our goal is to come up with a menu that fits the type of event the client is hosting as well as their unique needs. Our corporate caterers are always ready to provide fresh, distinct and innovative meals for each client. Whether you’re looking for a regular, vegetarian, kosher or halal menu, we’re always ready to prepare tasty meals based on your preference.

Which festive dessert is your favourite? Share with us in the comments!

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