7 Summer Date Ideas to Take Around Toronto

Whether this is a first or second date, or you’re looking to shake up date night with your long-term S.O., here are 7 summer date ideas to take around Toronto!

Summer is here in all its glory, and the perfect weather has us all itching to be outside, especially on date night! Why hole up inside when you can enjoy the gorgeous temperatures we’ve been waiting for all year? Whether this is a first or second date, or you’re looking to shake up date night with your long-term S.O., here are 7 summer date ideas to take around Toronto!

1. Attend an Outdoor Concert

The only thing better than going to a concert is going to a concert outside under the stars. Toronto has plenty of outdoor venues, from Echo beach to the Budweiser stage, and all you have to do is look up the schedule of acts, secure your tickets and enjoy date night with your hunny.

Image: Instagram/ @budweiserstage

2. Go for a Picnic

There are so many amazing parks and beaches around Toronto that are perfect for a romantic picnic. Pack up your favourite food and drink and a big blanket, and spend your night enjoying each other’s company under the stars. You can even pick up take-out from your favourite resto to bring along for the trip! From Trinity Bellwoods park to Sugar beach to the Toronto Islands, there are so many spots to choose from!

Image: Instagram/ @where.is.naomi

3. Patio-hop

Toronto is home to some of the best restaurants and bars, and many of them have gorgeous patios. Spend an afternoon hopping from one patio to the next, trying their known-for drinks and snacking on delicious eats. It’s the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company while also enjoying Toronto’s foodie scene!

Image: Instagram/ @elcatrinca

4. Take in a Baseball Game

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, taking in a Blue Jays game is a super fun date idea! You can chat and enjoy each other’s company during the long nine-inning game, and tune in when something exciting happens! Nothing’s better than sitting under the sun with a beer and a jumbo hotdog, right?

Image: Instagram/ @toronto_nerd

5. Go for a Stroll and Grab a Scoop

When the weather is so warm and pleasant, all you want to do is be outside. Take a stroll around the city streets, taking in all the sights, sounds, and people who are out on the town. While you’re at it, head to an ice cream or gelato shop- there’s sure to be a good one wherever you are!

Image: Instagram/ @tasteboujee

6. Take a Hike

There are some seriously incredible hiking trails near Toronto, like Dundas Peak, that offer the perfect date adventure! You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying all that nature has to offer. Take in breathtaking views while getting your endorphins pumping!

Image: Instagram/ @codymturner

7. Be Tourists in Your Own City

The hop-on, hop-off bus tour is one of the best ways to explore Toronto and see what you’re missing out on as a local. We often explore other cities when we travel more than we do our own, so it’s fun to be tourists in your own city! Find out about the history of Toronto and see how many things you didn’t know about the place you call home.

Image: Instagram/ @stlawrencemarket

What other fun date ideas do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Instagram/@thatsotee