8 Amazing Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

From amazing cosmetic formulations to ingenious skincare products, Canada has no shortage of brands that will leave you looking fresh and flawless.
8 Amazing Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

When it comes to innovative beauty brands you don’t need to look far – in fact, some of the most renowned companies were created right here, in our own backyard.

From amazing cosmetic formulations to ingenious skincare products, Canada has no shortage of brands that will leave you looking fresh and flawless. Actually, the odds are more than likely that you’ve used some of these products before (and found them next level, of course).

Here are 9 amazing brands you didn’t know were Canadian.


Consonant is Canada’s premium skincare company with a focus on keeping things simple. Their dedication to 100% natural, clinically proven skincare products maintains a regimen that is edited and effortless. Natural can be just as results driven and luxurious as chemically derived beauty products. We can attest to this, as we loved their award-winning Natural Foaming Face Wash. Just in time for Pride Month, Consonant is launching a new, limited-edition Lip Balm: Peace, Love, Lip. The lip balm costs $9 with all proceeds supporting LGBTQ students. You can purchase it here. 

Bite Beauty

As the name implies, Bite Beauty’s range of lip products seem so delicious you may want to take a bite out of them. The crazy part? You probably could! The Toronto-based company specializes in handcrafted, small batch lipsticks formulated with natural and organic ingredients. The results are rich pigmented lip colours without compromise.

The Ordinary

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I (I mean all of us) haven’t forgotten—it’s impossible to forget. We have just been conforming to regulations in and out of our homeland so that, when The Ordinary Suncare is finally in our hands and yours, we can all see our Sun, the star that gives us all life, as our friend again. I have been an enemy of the Sun and a friend of the Sun in the past few months to learn what should be obvious to all of us: just like anything in life, we just need to learn to respect our Sun, its rays and its hard work instead of fearing the most life-giving force in our solar system. I’ll continue to share my thoughts with you very soon as we prepare to launch The Ordinary’s Suncare late this month. A hug, with the Sun reflecting love to you in my eyes, Brandon

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The Ordinary skincare products are anything but ordinary. The line, which was created by Deciem (The Abnormal Beauty Company), features an evolving collection of skincare products centered around clinical technologies: when it comes to results, they don’t mess around! The same goes for the price – the entire line is affordable AF.

Ilia Beauty

The now LA-based line was originally started in Vancouver by founder Sasha Plavsic. Contrary to many organic brands on the market, the packaging and product branding is next level – feeling bougie after use is an inevitable byproduct (who’s complaining?). Not to mention, each product is chalked full of 85% bioactive organic ingredients.

MAC Cosmetics

By now, most of us know that MAC Cosmetics is Canadian, but this wouldn’t be an amazing beauty brand list without it’s inclusion. The Toronto-based brand was started when co-founders Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo were fed up with the lack of makeup that photographed well (sorry, LuMee cases hadn’t been invented yet) so they created their own line. The rest is history!

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is another natural cosmetic line, that proves natural doesn’t imply kooky. If you still need convincing, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has been a faithful client for years, working directly with the founder Rose Marie. Both these beauties are into that kale lifestyle – avoiding daily exposure to chemicals and being healthy AF. Plus who doesn’t love a multipurpose product?! Obsessed with the Lip2Cheek cream.


Nudestix is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free lined created by a mother-daughter trio (so cute!). The simple line is essentially a bunch of easy-to-use makeup crayons, that will makeup your life a hell of a lot easier. Their makeup sticks for lips, face, and eyes, will leave you feeling fresh-faced and nourished. #GoNudeButBetter

Saje Natural Wellness

In case you haven’t noticed, Canadians do natural so well! Saje Wellness is another 100% natural beauty and wellness line that is changing the game. The brand not only carries skincare products, but also specializes in essential oils and oils blends with the purpose to function as natural remedies. Along with aiding in ailments, they also smell lovely! I’d call that a win-win

Stellar Beauty

There’s been a huge spike in promoting diversity within the beauty industry and Canada isn’t lacking. Call Stellar Beauty the Fenty Beauty of the north! Former Electric Circus VJ, Monika Deol found that when it came to finding the right shade, the struggle was real. That’s when she decided to create her own line of cosmetics. Stil,l to this day, her best product is the Limitless Foundation that comes in an extended shade range.

Have you tried any of these beauty brands? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments.

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