9 Great Canadian Swimwear Brands for Your Winter Vacation

When the summer glow disappears from our faces, a winter escape to the sun could be a great idea – and a new bathing suit is obviously a welcome addition.
9 Great Canadian Swimwear Brands for Your Winter Vacation

By now, all of the winter jackets are in full rotation, the last of the summer glow has disappeared from the face, and the vacation snap browsing on Instagram has gotten pretty serious. Whether it means an easy-on-the-wallet trip to a surf camp in Nicaragua, or a jaunt to an all-frills-attached luxury resort in Bali, a winter escape to the sun is always a good idea – and a new bathing suit is obviously a welcome addition.

Here are 9 great Canadian swimwear brands to help your winter vacation cause.

Everyday Sunday

This Montreal-based brand creates conversation-starting swimwear for both the ladies and the guys, offering stylish suits won’t break the bank. Everyday Sunday’s tops and bottoms are sold separately to allow for mixing and matching and to accommodate different body types. Pieces typically range in price from $35 to $60. As an added bonus, the company offers free shipping on orders over $120.00 CAD.

Bather Trunk

This one is for the guys: swim trunks that combine streetwear, style, and swimwear. With bold patterns and colours and a clean design, Bather Trunks will take you from the beach to the swanky pool bar for lunch. Launched in 2013, the Toronto-based brand offers fun, mid-length trunks (a perfect compromise between the too-short suit and the old-school board shorts) that are made from a quick-dry nylon. The trunks typically retail for $75.00 and $85.00 CAD.

Minnow Bathers


Your bathing suit purchase from Toronto-based swimwear label, Minnow Bathers, comes with a side of giving back. One dollar from each sale is donated to the Ocean Conservancy, a foundation that creates science-based solutions for a healthy ocean.

Known for their retro-inspired suits and a celebration of the female form, each swimsuit is handmade to order by a team of women in a Toronto studio. Pieces (tops and bottoms are sold separately) range from $65.00 to $180.00 CAD.


If you have the dollars to drop on a St. Tropez yacht-worthy suit, look no further than super successful Canadian resort and swimwear brand Shan. Designed and manufactured in Laval, Quebec, Shan has flagship stores in Montreal and Toronto, as well as boutiques in Miami and the Hamptons. With a focus on quality over quantity and designed to last, the editorial-ready suits retail for around $300.00 CAD.

Saltwater Collective


 Taking it beyond just offering stylish suits for both the ladies and the gents, Toronto-based Saltwater Collective defines itself as “an impact-minded clothing and lifestyle brand” that places importance on using only environmentally friendly fabrics and making a difference in the world. For every item sold, the company donates a portion of its profits to the ocean conservation organization Oceana. Swimwear pieces range from $32.00 to $102.00 CAD.


Filling the void in sporty (as in, you can waterski and surf carefree in it) yet stylish swimwear, Honubelle – a brand designed by Calgary-based designer, Julia Barnes – marries function and fashion. The eye-catching pieces are designed with Italian fabric and produced in Bali. On average, the mix-and-matchable pieces retail for about $78.00 CAD.

Beth Richards

This Vancouver-designed and created brand has become a major player – and celeb go-to – when it comes to fashion-forward swimwear for today’s female. With a mandate to change the way women feel about swimwear and to provide confidence and empowerment, the brand offers women the ability to highlight or hide what they want to, helping with any insecurities. Prices range from $100.00 for separates to $260.00 CAD for one-pieces.


If you’d rather opt for more of a minimalist and elegant approach, high-end Canadian lingerie brand Fortnight branched out into swimwear last summer, with an all-black, five-piece collection. All pieces are made with an opaque matte jersey – making for easy mixing and matching – and are designed to contour, support and enhance the female form. The pieces range from $79.00 (for basic bottoms) to $229.00 CAD (for a versatile one-piece).

Nettle’s Tale

This Vancouver-based brand is made for the “real” female in all of her stretch mark, full-breasted, six-pack-rocking, or cellulite-sporting glory. Offering no shortage of mix-and-match options, the website invites users to shop categories like “I’ve got a full bust,” “flatter my stomach,” and “show off my waist,” among others. Pieces range from $59.00 to $149.00 CAD.

What is your favourite Canadian swimwear brand? Share with us in the comments.

Featured image: Instagram/ @esmtl

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