A Sneak Peek At All The Gourmet Grub at the CNE

When it comes to the gourmet grub at the CNE, you’ll find no shortage of calorie-packed (but so worth it), creative, and totally Instagram-worthy options.

Marking the end of summer (so sad), the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) has officially kicked off in all of its ride, games, and – of course – food-filled glory.

When it comes to the gourmet grub at the CNE, you’ll find no shortage of calorie-packed (but so worth it), creative, and totally Instagram-worthy options.

Here’s a peek at some of our favourites.

All the Gold Goodness

Making for like-worthy social media material this year,  you can expect gold leaf-covered indulgences, like the Gold Burger (which will set you back a cool $100) from Bacon Nation or the Gold Ice Cream from Eative.

The Cookie Dough Supreme

If you aren’t afraid of calories, opt for the Cookie Dough Supreme by OG Chimneys, made exclusively for the CNE. This ultimate dessert features edible birthday cake dough and a cream cheese icing spread, topped with house-made white chocolate sauce, a cookie, and sprinkles, all inside a freshly baked graham Chimney Cone.

Tim Horton’s Donut Poutine

It doesn’t get more Canadian than poutine or a Tim Horton’s doughnut – combined. Celebrate the tastes of our home and native land at the CNE with a Donut Poutine from Tim Horton’s. You can expect donuts made into the shape of fries, drenched in caramel sauce and topped with decadent white chocolate chips.

Korean Fried Frogs Legs

Get as adventurous with the food as you do with the rides with interesting food choices in the Food Building like the Korean Fried Frogs Legs from Farm to Fryer (who, by the way, also offer things like comforting Mac and Cheetos Popsicles).

S’More Fried Chicken Sandwich

If you can’t quite decide between sweet or savoury or are simply feeling like a blast of both, head over to the Heartbreak Chef booth for their (incredible looking) S’More Fried Chicken Sandwich. This one is guaranteed to hit the spot.

The Candy Land Milkshake

Tap into your inner child in with the ridiculously over-the-top Candy Land Milkshake from longtime Toronto diner Frans. If you don’t splurge on one for the sugar rush, do so for the Instagram op. This shake definitely defines “eye candy.”


The Vegan Frites Extreme

Dutch Frites returns again with the crowd-pleasing Vegan Frites Extreme. The highly addictive fries are topped with a 100 per cent vegan mayo that is made in-house daily without animal or meat-based products.  

Deep Fried Cheese Curds

The only thing better than cheese curds are gooey, deep-fried cheese curds. Once again, guests can mow down on Hong Kong-style “toast curds” from King of Curds, topped with peanut butter, condensed milk, and a chunk of butter.

Chocolate Banana Steakclair

Another over-the-top indulgence can be found at Philthy Philly’s on the midway. If you think you can handle it, the Chocolate Banana Steakclair features steak, provolone cheese, banana slices, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream – all stacked on a chocolate éclair doughnut. Yikes.

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Featured image: Instagram/ @letsgototheex