A Toronto Shoe Company Gets Locked Out over $38K In Unpaid Rent

A popular shoe store, Walking On A Cloud, has been shut out of its Toronto location at 67 Yonge Street due to $38,000 of unpaid rent. The store originally closed its doors in November due to lockdown rules, but now it’s a different story. 

Walking On A Cloud is a family-owned business with many locations in and near the GTA. It sells a wide selection of name brand footwear for both men and women. 

Yonge Street is typically very busy. However, due to pandemic restrictions, the storefronts in the area have turned to curbside pickup or delivery. Sadly, some have even shuttered for good

Google Maps/Max Vo

Now, if you pass by the location, you’ll find a notice taped onto the window by the landlord and legal team. The notice explains that if the Toronto shoe store doesn’t pay the sum of the unpaid rent by January 19, the products of the shop will be appraised and sold. In addition, there’s a distress charge of $1,776.90 to be paid as well. 

blogTo reported a statement from Lori Vella, whose family owns Walking On A Cloud, stating, “This isn’t the first time they’ve been locked out of their own store by their landlord, who hasn’t provided them any leeway despite the current landscape.”

Lori Vella also said “COVID, however, has hit us hard… our sales in this location dropped over 95 per cent during the pandemic, even when doors were open.”

At this time, the owners are still not clear whether the closure will be temporary or permanent.

Unfortunately, this is just the latest retail company to be heavily impacted by the pandemic.

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