ALDO Just Launched Its First Sustainable Shoe Collection

ALDO Just Launched Its First Sustainable Shoe Collection

Sustainable shopping is one of those trends that honestly shouldn’t be a trend — it should be commonplace, but here we are. So many retailers and brands have been implementing sustainability into their practices and it’s about damn time. If you’re looking to shop more sustainably but aren’t willing to sacrifice style, ALDO is here with its new sustainable shoe collection.

Global footwear retailer ALDO has just released RPPL, its first sustainable shoe collection.

aldo sustainable shoe collection

“The launch of the RPPL is a pivotal step towards our on-going journey and commitment towards a more sustainable future. We’re thrilled to have begun this partnership with the team at BLOOM, a move that has allowed us to explore new materials and methods of production that will have meaningful benefits on our customers, allowing them to choose good, while helping our planet.” said Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, SVP of ALDO, in a release.

The shoes are made from water bottles and have a sole that’s formulated with BLOOM Foam, which is made from lake algae biomass.

aldo sustainable shoe collection

Algae is a carbon neutral raw material that’s grown without any labour, irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers and each RPPL shoe helps clean 35 litres of fresh water.

The RPPL (pronounced ripple) collection will keep 46 tons of carbon dioxide out of the worlds atmosphere because of its low impact and recycled materials.


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“ALGIX and BLOOM are super excited to be collaborating with ALDO, such an innovating and exciting brand that is using our BLOOM Foam sustainable material to make a major positive impact on our environment. With every RPPL shoe, together we will transform air and water pollution into sustainable footwear the consumer will be proud to wear! Together we have the power to restore our environment leaving tomorrow better than today.” said Mike Van Drunen, Co-Founder of BLOOM, innovators of BLOOM Foam technology, in a release.

The RPPL collection is available in-store and online now. It consists of women’s and mens styles and each shoe retails for $90.

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