Amazon Opens First-Ever Brick-And-Mortar Retail Space in Canada

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon opens a pop-up in the CF Toronto Eaton Centre that offers customers a guided tour of a real-size modern home, powered by Alexa.
Amazon Opens First-Ever Brick-And-Mortar Retail Space in Canada

It’s hard to deny that technology is taking over our lives these days: from smart watches to self-driving cars to smart homes, the future is closer than we might think. And while we may not be aware of its impact on our daily lives, one thing is for sure — artificial intelligence is here to stay and help us save the most valuable resource that we have in our possession: time, as well as provide safety.

To give us a better understanding of what our homes will look like in the future, Amazon Canada created a unique space within their first ever brick-and-mortar retail store located at CF Toronto Eaton Centre near the Yonge and Shuter intersection.

The pop-up offers customers a unique experience — a guided tour of a real-size modern home, powered by Alexa.

The Amazon brick-and-mortar pop-up tour will introduce customers to a variety of Alexa-compatible products from such brands as Samsung, Philips Hue, ecobee, HP, Sonos, iRobot, Bell, Brim, Ring, Audible, Tuft & Needle, Filtrete and First Alert. All of these products are available on Amazon. You’ll be able to walk through kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom, seeing how Alexa can simplify everyday tasks and keep your family safe.

amazon pop-up

So, what does it feel like to live in a home run by Alexa?

Well, it feels like you have your personal assistant available 24/7 that can help you make food, play your favourite music, start a movie night, set alarms and reminders, assist with the laundry and even cheer you up!

Fun fact: Amazon Alexa has a pretty good sense of humour, and sometimes it almost feels like you’re talking to a real person. This option will definitely come in handy for someone who lives alone.

amazon pop-up

Here are more things you can experience with Alexa at Canada’s first Amazon brick-and-mortar store that will definitely make you feel like you stepped into the future:

  • In the kitchen, with the help of the Samsung Smart Plug, Alexa can turn on appliances, start a dinner and show you what’s inside the fridge without even opening it. If you’re struggling with what to make for dinner, Alexa has got your back, too!
  • Alexa will help you set up temperature across the home without getting up, using an ecobee thermostat and strategically placed sensors
  • Through the Alexa app, the computer will turn on outdoor lights while the Ring Doorbell and Echo Spot will show who’s standing at the front door for a visit.
  • Alexa will create routines for you, including connecting music, lights and temperature in one instance, switching on light sensors at night, and making sure there’s no damages such as water leaks.
  • Alexa knows how to have fun and will assist you with creating the perfect party atmosphere by dimming the lights and finding the right music to suit your mood.

This one-of-a-kind experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the city. So, if you’re interested, make sure to stop by the CF Toronto Eaton Centre pop-up by December 31, while the tour is still running.

All images: Alina Prajapati