Are Gummy Vitamins Actually Good for You? We Asked A Pro

Are Gummy Vitamins Actually Good for You? We Asked A Pro

The gummy vitamin market continues to grow, one fresh bottle of candy-like vitamins at a time. According to the Global Gummy Vitamins 2019 report, the market is expected to grow significantly between now and 2028.

Offering a daily dose of nostalgia and flavour, the increasingly popular gummy vitamins are vitamins of the chewable variety that are available in an assortment of colours and flavours, with a texture and taste comparable to gummy candies.

Available as either single or multivitamins, gummy vitamins are thought to offer benefits like healthier hair, skin, nails, and gums.

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Making for an easy pill to swallow, the vitamins are flavour-packed and pleasant to chew. Naturally, they offer a simple tactic for kids to get their essential vitamins, but adults can’t get enough of them either.

According to some estimates, adults now comprise 80 per cent of the gummy vitamin market.

“Compliance is a big issue when it comes to taking supplements. A lot of clients can feel overwhelmed by the amount, the dosage, the way they taste, the methods in which they are to take them, or by some of the symptoms they may experience,” said Certified Holistic Nutritionist Catherine Sugrue.

“A lot of manufacturers are looking for creative ways to get people excited about taking their vitamins – hence, the gummy form. But they’re also looking to sell their product; let’s be honest. Some people might think, ‘ohhh look, I can get my vitamins in candy form,’ and they’ll believe that it’s just an easier way to take them.”

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Though the market is constantly evolving, gummy vitamins are often made with gelatin, water, cornstarch, sugar, and added colouring. When they contain sugar and artificial additives, it’s pretty natural to be skeptical of gummy vitamins.

How can something so sweet and treat-like really be good for you? Do they really work?

“Honestly, I’m a bit torn,” said Sugrue. “Like I said before, compliance is a big issue. So, I’d rather my client take something than nothing at all. But at the same time, the quality isn’t always there in that form. Plus, a lot of them have to be loaded with sugar, fillers, or substances that make them palpable and candy-like, in order for people to want to eat them! I’m not completely sold on any of the ones I’ve seen out there on the market just yet.”

In 2017, a supplement analysis by found that that four out of five gummy products contained amounts that varied from their listed amounts of ingredients, and that gummy vitamins were the most likely to fail supplement testing.

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The issue, according to the analysis, is that gummies are difficult to manufacture with precision. Historically, most gummy vitamin brands were missing too many essential ingredients humans require for a balanced diet.

In 2017, an investigative report from Vice found that, among the 37 brands of gummy multivitamins they examined, not one came close to being as effective of a supplement as ordinary multivitamin tablets like One-A-Day or Centrum.

The good news for those who can’t get enough of gummy vitamins is that not all gummy vitamins are created equally, and there are more natural options – ones free of artificial sweeteners and colours – on the market.

For example, honey has become an alternative to sugar in sweetening gummy vitamins. It’s also safe to say that we can expect to see more CBD-infused gummy vitamins. Earlier this month, popular American gummy vitamin brand vitafusion introduced CBD gummies made with full spectrum hemp extract.

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A notable (admittedly sort of funny when it comes to adults) downfall when it comes to gummy vitamins is the risk of overconsumption.

They taste so good that people literally can’t just stick to the one or two daily recommended. The Global Gummy Vitamins report warns of side effects of overconsumption of vitamins, stating that it may restrain the predicted market growth during the forecast period.

I admit; I have a dwindling jar of gummy vitamins in my cupboard – so do a handful of my girlfriends.

gummy vitamins

Frankly, they are a little daily treat to complement my morning coffee and they make my nails look half decent again. I don’t – or didn’t – think too much about it.

But if you can’t keep your hand out of the gummy vitamin jar, or are in serious need of dietary supplements, you may want to swap the gummy vitamins for the good, old-fashioned – and likely more effective – pill form (and buy a bag of gummy bears).

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