Aritzia Is Hosting A Massive Sale And Profits Go to Its Community Relief Fund

Aritzia Is Hosting A Massive Sale And Profits Go to Its Community Relief Fund

With the financial panic of the COVID-19 outbreak, each day can bring in new surprises. Many retailers and employees are having a difficult time predicting what their future holds. But the Canadian fashion brand, Aritzia, is doing its part in assisting the brand’s employees and partners as much as possible. 

Right now, Aritzia is hosting a 20% off everything sale where you can get all of the items you’ve been eyeing for a discount.

The brand is also offering free shipping with no minimum and free returns for up to 30 days, rather than the previous 14 day return period. If you decide you don’t love the item but the return period has passed and is within 45 days since the transaction, you’re eligible for a store credit.

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How is this helping Aritzia employees you may ask? Well, this sale is very important.

Aritzia is donating the profits from this sale to the Aritzia Community Relief Fund.

This Relief Fund is set up so that Aritzia employees and partners can be looked after financially in this time of insecurity. The fund has already exceeded $5 million, which is absolutely unbelievable.

You can follow the increase in donations on the Aritzia website.  

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It’s a great time to check out some comfy mix-and-match loungewear that you can wear working from home or a new spring outfit where your purchase helps someone who may be in need.

Who doesn’t want a cute outfit at a discount and be able to donate money all at the same time?

It’s a definite win-win for everyone. Start shopping now!

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