Endy Has Just Donated Mattresses & Sleep Essentials To Healthcare Workers

Let’s hear it for another Canadian company making us proud during this global crisis. Known for its quality mattresses and sleep essentials, Endy has just donated enough mattresses, pillows, and mattress protectors to create comfortable sleeping quarters at one Canadian hospital.

The mattress company’s donation allows for frontline healthcare workers to get the sleep they deserve after working countless hours at Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital.

This all started when Dr. Shannon Lockhart, Consultant Anesthesiologist at St. Paul’s, emotionally reached out to Endy. She revealed that her team in the ICU was preparing for the onslaught of COVID-19, and due to the incoming workload, they would need to spend night after night in the hospital.

At the time, the hospital’s on-call rooms had only a few old and uncomfortable mattresses. Some medical staff were even forced to sleep on plastic hospital stretchers, sometimes in hallways just to catch a few zzz’s.

Rajen Ruparell, Endy’s Executive Chairman and Co-Founder said, “Imagine being away from your loved ones, fighting a virus that has been sweeping the globe, working countless hours, day and night, to care for those in need. This is the experience of frontline healthcare workers coast-to-coast and around the world. Recently, we were devastated to learn that medical staff at St. Paul’s Hospital — the doctors and nurses going to battle for us — were sleeping on hospital stretchers, just to get by. We knew we had to help. This donation is a reflection of our love and appreciation for healthcare workers across Canada. It has been inspiring to see our country come together during these uncertain times, helping in any way they can. From all of us at Endy, and our customers coast-to-coast, thank you.”


Endy’s mission is Better Sleep For All and the brand was inspired to do its part for Canada’s frontline workers who are risking not only their own, but their families health too.

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