How To Handle Groceries During COVID-19

How To Handle Groceries During COVID-19
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COVID-19 has changed our lives in a myriad of ways. The strategies we have put into place to adapt to our new way of living is paramount to successfully overcoming this crisis. 

One of the major obstacles we all face that is essential to our survival is food. Now that we cannot freely head out to the grocery without any care, we must strategize to ensure we minimize our time outside. 

There are some great solutions on how to get groceries during COVID-19.

Online grocery shopping enables individuals to shop from their smartphones, computers, and tablets. But what if one does not have access to these devices? Then what can they do? A very simple solution is to utilize the new option of grocery pools offered to you by Instacart.

For example, one account can now be used to order for multiple households. Friends and family have the ability, aside from grocery pools, to do it the old fashion way. Reach out and make a list for a loved one and it can be delivered right to their door. There are also other companies such as Whole Foods, Grocery Gateway, Walmart Grocery Delivery, and Metro, to name a few. These companies offer delivery or curbside pickup as well as contactless doorstep deliveries. This can ensure everyone receives what they need and stays put right at home.

Of course, some have no other choice but to head out into our communities during this uncertain time. But rest assured that the businesses of our frontline workers have implemented safety plans to ensure not only patrons are safe but their hard-working employees as well. 

Your efforts count.

Everything from shields for cashiers and drivers, extra sanitizing of items used by multiple people or in high traffic areas, visually enhancing social distancing markers on floors, limiting the number of shoppers in the store, and designating special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable customers. These businesses are doing their part.

The government has implemented reduced hours at almost all essential businesses. This allows us all to minimize the time we are out of our homes and to give the employees the rest they definitely deserve.

We can help these employees stay healthy by limiting our visits, not visiting if we feel sick, only touching what we really need, keeping a safe distance from other shoppers, and washing or sanitizing our hands as frequently as possible.

What are some other great ways to receive fresh produce and protein? 

This is a great time for one-person households and growing families to try food plans delivered by popular companies such as Good Food, Hello Fresh, Chefs Plate, and many more. Not only do they pack all your items fresh, but the items are individually packaged and perfectly portioned for easy prepping. These companies research all the products and instructions to ensure an organized and balanced dish with ease. 

That’s not all of the grocery options within the community.

There are a few other options as well. There are companies that prepare healthy meals and deliver them frozen upon order to our local communities. Not only is this an efficient way for busy families to save time while the children are out of school, or they work from home, but it gives them that option to nourish themselves and family properly during a time of chaos. It simply limits the need to go out and helps small businesses, too.

Tips for Sanitizing Your Groceries At Home

While person-to-person contact has the highest risk in transmitting the virus, the World Health Organization also says it can also be transmitted through touching contaminated surfaces and then coming in contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s better to take extra precautions and play it safe than sorry.

According to Healthline, at the very least, you should be disinfecting surfaces touched by your groceries and grocery bags. If you’re using cloth bags, wash them in the laundry once you’re done with them.

You can take extra steps in protecting yourself and your family by wiping and washing cans or boxes before you put them away, or even removing the packaging when possible. When you’re finished, remember to wash your hands.

For extra tips on how to handle your groceries during COVID-19, take a peek at the video by Jeffrey VanWingen, a family physician practicing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, below.

As we all strive to stay home and help flatten the curve, supporting each other in every aspect and where we can during this time is so crucial. Even if it’s just suggesting the options mentioned above.

Let’s cheer for the frontline workers at our essential stores as they continue to remain strong through all of this to serve us better.

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