Sobeys Is Installing Plexiglass Shields To Help Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

Sobeys Is Installing Plexiglass Shields To Help Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus
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During the global COVID-19 health pandemic, social distancing is important as ever. And while most non-essential retailers are temporarily closing their doors to the public, essential retailers such as grocery stores and drugstores are staying open.

Those working essential retail positions, such as cashiers and stockists, are working on the frontline and putting their health at risk so that shoppers have everything they need to prepare for isolation. And the company’s employing these individuals are doing their best to protect them.

Sobeys recently announced that it would be installing plexiglass screen guards at its cash registers.

The added barrier will act as another safeguard for customers and cashiers. In the statement, Michael Medline, the company’s President and CEO, said that the company “began to install the shields in stores [on March 19] and will work around the clock to get them in our stores.”

In addition to Sobeys’ plexiglass screen guards, Sobeys has taken a number of other precautions to protect shoppers and employees.

The protocols include mandatory handwashing for staff every 15 minutes, enhanced cleaning of common areas and surfaces, floor markers at checkout to maintain social distancing, Senior Shopping Hour, and the removal of open items like hot foods and olives.

You can read the entire statement on Twitter.

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