ASOS Just Launched A Tool That Lets You See Clothes On 16 Different Body Types

ASOS Just Launched A Tool That Lets You See Clothes On 16 Different Body Types

Let’s be real: there’s a stress associated with online shopping. Especially when it comes to shopping retailers that don’t have physical storefronts where you can touch, try, and make returns for that added sense of security.

The reality is, we’re not all six-foot-tall, size two models. And there’s nothing worse than ordering something online, only to realize that it looks nothing like it did on the model.

But luckily, one online retailer is making shopping a little bit easier.

asos see my fit

ASOS recently launched a new tool that lets you see what an item looks like on a variety of different female body types.

The U.K.-based online retailer has teamed up with Israeli augmented reality company Zeekit to offer shoppers See My Fit. The tool lets shoppers view different items on a variety of models, all of differing heights and sizes. Game. Changed.

What’s interesting about ASOS See My Fit is that the models aren’t actually wearing the clothes.

According to Independent, the designs are digitally fitted onto the models’ bodies. Meaning that while you’re getting a better idea of how a piece looks, it’s not completely accurate. It’s still a huge step-forward for online shopping, though.

ASOS see my fit

Right now, the tool is in trial mode.

For its launch, See My Fit is available on just over 40 dresses and can be found on the left hand side under “Models”. As of now, you can see the items on 16 different models, from U.K. size four to 18, and heights 5’1″ to 5’9″.

Depending on the shoppers’ reactions, we could see more models with even greater size diversity. As the brand mentioned to Independent, the trial is set to run for six weeks, so only time can tell if ASOS See My Fit will stick around.

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