6 Beautyblender Mistakes We Didn’t Know Were Mistakes

How much do you really know about your makeup sponge? If you’re making these Beautyblender mistakes, we’re here to help correct them.
6 Beautyblender Mistakes We Didn’t Know Were Mistakes

Beautyblenders have heralded a veritable makeup revolution, helping to usher in the era of flawless Instagram #motd (makeup of the day), baking and so much more.

You’re a whiz at knowing where to find the most affordable makeup, but how much do you really know about your Beautyblender? Do you know the proper way to use it, or to clean it? And, most importantly, do you know the little life hacks to get the most out of it before it falls apart?

If you’re making these Beautyblender mistakes, we’re here to help you correct them.

1. Not keeping it clean.

beautyblender mistakes

This seems relatively obvious, but even the most diligent Beautyblender users can fall behind in their routine. Unlike brushes, on which buildup is pretty easy to see, the true depth of how dirty Beautyblenders can get is not always visible. That is to say…there could be mold inside your Beautyblender. So, how do you keep your perfect little pink egg clean and mold-free?

Washing it daily is the only true way to make sure your Beautyblender is in tip-top shape. Make sure to use a gentle soap — but don’t think that you have to buy the one Beautyblender sells. That expensive solid soap can set you back a whopping $20, whereas a gentle dish or laundry soap is readily available at your local grocery store.

Oh, and remember to be gentle!

2. Doing the microwave method wrong.

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The microwave method is actually a pretty basic (and old) sponge trick, which essentially involves popping whatever sponge you’d like cleaned into the microwave and cooking it up until it’s bacteria-free. However, cleaning your BB is going to take just a bit more work. Sticking your blender right into the microwave is just going to result in you owning a hot, melted sponge. Here’s the real lowdown:

  • Mix water and soap in a microwave-safe container
  • Fully soak your Beauty Blender in the solution, making sure it’s saturated
  • Place the container in your microwave and cook that baby up for a minute

When it’s finished (and cooled down), you should have a much cleaner Beautyblender on your hands.

3. Applying it incorrectly.


It’s all in the wrist, of course. Some people prefer to gently tap the BB to their foundation, assuming that the less contact it has with their skin, the more natural it will look. That isn’t so! Pressing the sponge into your face and really making sure that you get the most out of the product it’s soaking up is the best way to get a flawless look. Remember not to swipe using it, either — a tapping motion (or, as some beauty influencers say, “pouncing” motion) will give you the most even coverage possible.

4. Using it too wet or too dry.

Beautyblender mistakes

The Beauty Blender truly is the Goldilocks of makeup products. It requires water, but not too much water. It needs drying, but not too much drying. It’s finicky like that.

If your blender is too wet, the water in it will react with your foundation and leave you with a streaky, oversaturated mess on your hands. If it’s too dry, it will just absorb your foundation right into it and leave you with very little to put in your face.

The best method is to run your BB under water, make sure it’s sufficiently soaked, squeeze it out, and then gently give it one final squeeze using a paper towel (or a clean regular towel, if it’s on hand). You’ll be good to go after that!

5. You’re storing it incorrectly.

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After you’re done with your trusty egg, do not store it somewhere where it can’t breathe! It’s a sponge, after all, and trapping it where it can just sit in its own moisture will cause you nothing but problems — and mold. Avoid sticking it in plastic bags, closed makeup bags or back in its container with the lid on. Leave your Beautyblender out where it can dry out in peace. You can even pick up a cute little stand for it to dry on.

6. You’re Not Making The Most Of It!

beautyblender mistakes
YouTube/Nikkia Joy

A Beautyblender is incredibly versatile. Sure, it’s great for foundation, but it can do so much more than that! You can contour your face using cream contours and liquid concealers, then blend it out with your BB. You can apply cream anything, really, including blushes and highlighters, too.

And, most importantly, you can bake with it! A damp Beautyblender + loose setting powder = a flawless, Instagram-worthy finish that will last you all day and all night, too. This is especially handy if you know you’re going to be getting a little sweaty on a hot day, or if you have oily skin. Setting your makeup with a blender and powder will help keep the moisture at bay for a long longer than if you’d just applied your powder with a brush.

No matter how you use a Beautyblender, there’s always more to learn. Luckily, we can all learn together…and practice proper microwave safety! ‘

Featured image: Instagram/@beautyblender