The Best and Worst Rated IKEA Products

I sifted through the entire IKEA collection (trust me — it wasn’t easy), so that you don’t have to. Here are the best and worst rated IKEA products by category.
The Best and Worst Rated IKEA Products

Disneyland, Hawaiian beaches, IKEA. What do they all have in common? Why, they’re the most magical places on earth, of course! For those of us who can’t exact travel to California or Hawaii, there’s always our local IKEA to keep us in good spirits.

IKEA is known for its juicy secrets, clean design, amazing meatballs, and reliable products. So why don’t we take a step into that magical world and see what the best (and worst) pieces are inside that big, blue box?

I sifted through the entire IKEA collection (trust me — it wasn’t easy), so that you don’t have to.

Here are the best and worst rated IKEA products by category.

Dining Tables

The Best: BJURSTA Extendable Table

best worst ikea

The BJURSTA Extendable Table has a much more luxe appearance than its price would suggest. This dining table is a particular favourite among IKEA buyers, with a whopping 63 five-star reviews. People love its quality and durability the most, with many commenting that it’s perfect for an apartment.

Keep in mind that it might be a bit more difficult to install, but all that extra dining space you’ll get when you extend the table will make those installation hours more than worth it.

The Worst: INGATORP Extendable Table


People are pretty divided on the INGATORP Extendable Table, with half loving it and half hating it so much that one reviewer described it as, “Cute but junk.”

The main problem with it seems to be its durability — it doesn’t stand up to any dents or liquid spills, and delaminates within months. Not being able to handle liquids is a bit of a problem for, you know, a dining room table.


The Best: SÖDERHAMN sofa 

best worst ikea

People love the SÖDERHAMN sofa. Sure, it doesn’t exactly look like the most comfortable of couches, but the comfort (and style) is unparalleled, according to its fans who rate it an average 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

The Worst: KIVIK sectional

best worst ikea

One of the most recent reviews for the KIVIK Sectional is titled, “I regret buying this couch,” so that should tell you how loved this couch is. The problem with it is not only its durability (which seems low), but the chaise part of it. One reviewer says that it barely held up 15 days before beginning to sink and form a circular indentation where you usually sit. Long story short: it won’t last and the cushions won’t, either.


The Best: NORDLI bed frame

best worst ikea

Far and away the most loved bed at IKEA is the NORDLI Bed Frame. With 32 five-star reviews, this bed is actually unmatched by any other bed at the store. Not only does it have great storage, but it is ideal for a room on the smaller side. It seems the only downside was a mildly difficult assembly, but isn’t that most IKEA products?

Also, great news: This has soft close drawers.

The Worst: HEMNES Bed Frame

best worst ikea

The reviews on the HEMNES Bed Frame are terrible. Of its 169 reviews, 102 are one-star reviews. The main problem seems to be a complete lack of centre support. One reviewer’s footboard actually cracked down the middle and sent the mattress into the floor. In fact, many of the reviews mention the bed collapsing — some in the middle of the night. Yikes.


The Best: HEMNES Desk

best worst ikea

The HEMNES Desk desk has absolutely rave reviews, and for good reason: it’s made of real wood! The simplicity of it makes it an easy addition to any room, with one reviewer calling it a “no frills” desk. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space! Lastly, reviewers noted that it’s very durable, so it looks like HEMNES is a better desk than a bed.

Oh, bonus: it has cable storage. Score.

The Worst: BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk

best worst ikea

The BEKANT line of desks all have…low reviews, to say the least. 116 reviews, 75 of them one-star officially makes this the lowest-rated of all the IKEA desks. Some reviewers noted that it doesn’t have longevity, with it just suddenly ceasing to raise up into a standing desk after a year or so of use.

Other buyers had a problem with the built-in power supply, on account of the actual fuse blowing in it. Not great! Not great. For the price, this desk should last longer than a year, and not have a bad fuse right out of the box.

Love them or hate them, IKEA products are staples in most homes. It’s best to do your research online before you hit the store, and then try out each piece to see how you really feel about your choice. After all, your home is your space — it should be the best place it can be!

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