7 Retailers With The Best Mobile Shopping Apps

Gone are the days when companies can do the bare minimum with their apps. These retailers have the best mobile shopping apps around.
7 Retailers With The Best Mobile Shopping Apps

Forget window shopping. Online shopping without checking out is where it’s at these days. But for those times when you’re actually ready to pull the trigger — or press the “checkout” button — you’re going to need some solid apps to browse on.

Gone are the days when companies can do the bare minimum with their apps.

These days, we need exclusive perks and discounts in order to give up the precious space on our phones for their specific apps. So, which ones are the best? Which ones haven’t you checked out yet? We’re here to help.

The retailers below have the best mobile shopping apps.

1. Dynamite

best mobile shopping apps

Dynamite has a really, really good app. Not only is it visually pleasing to look at, but it has an interface that is easy to use and even easier to browse. Once you’ve pulled together your haul (or found alternate locations to pick up your items because the app makes finding your specific choices in-store a total breeze), you can apply special in-app coupons to your cart. After checking out using your Dynamite ID, you can earn badges that add up to rewards. Some are challenges — like buying something both in store or online — and some are “buy $200 worth of stuff” goals. Achieving any of them will nab you discounts. Sounds pretty…dyn-o-mite.

2. AliExpress

best mobile shopping apps

Last year was all about Wish. This year? AliExpress. While AliExpress’ app is a little more complicated than Wish’s, they have a way bigger selection of products. Not only that, but AliExpress allows you to collect points towards big discounts, gives you coupons for every vendor you buy from, and offers free shipping on a ton of products. Shipping is also way easier to track, and you can speak directly with sellers if your stuff hasn’t arrived in your given shipping window. Just make sure you’re patient, just like Wish, packages take a while to arrive.

3. Lush

For when you want to treat yourself, Lush has you covered. Their app is unique in that it’s a totally different shopping experience from most apps. Instead of filtering by colour, size, etc., Lush has a category system set up by feelings. What mood are you in? What smell do you like? Lush has a category for that. They also have their new releases, collections, and everything else available to browse easily. Plus, discounts!

4. Rebdolls

best mobile shopping apps

If you haven’t heard of Rebdolls, get on it! They’re a size-inclusive company that carries cute clothes from XS to 5X — so there really is something for everyone. They style their clothes on models of all sizes, have app-only discounts, and a rewards program called the Dolls Club. Can you say cute? Get the app


5. Forever 21

best mobile shopping apps

Forever 21’s app is a study in beautiful design. You can switch currencies, easily add or remove items, use your Forever 21 credit card, or use the app’s built-in scanner while in-store to get more info on where you can find your chosen product elsewhere. Any questions you have about products can be asked in Forever 21’s social area, which connects to Facebook. And you can get exclusive offers, updates, and release info!


best mobile shopping apps

ASOS is your one-stop shop for…everything, really. They have over 850 brands and 85,000 products to browse through, so your odds of finding what you want are pretty high. Their app even has an outfit finder! You can snap a picture of an outfit you like, and ASOS will search its databases or close or exact matches of the clothes you’re after. The app will also take note of what you like to browse and recommend pieces it thinks you’ll like. This is the future!

7. Etsy

best mobile shopping apps

If handmade or vintage is what you’re after, Etsy is where you want to be. Etsy’s app interface makes shopping easy, with filtered searches and curated recommendations based on your shopping preferences. It also has a message centre to help you chat with the different sellers you buy from! A unique option of Etsy’s is their “nearby” feature — it’ll tell you if an Etsy seller is selling something you’re into near you! You won’t find an item quite like an Etsy item.

Featured image: YouTube/Lush Australasia