Bentley Leathers Will Close 90 Stores Across Canada

Bentley Leathers Will Close 90 Stores Across Canada

As we near the end of 2019, retailers across the world are preparing for the new year. And while some retailers are getting ready to open new stores, some are getting ready to close them.

Earlier this fall, financial challenges faced by Montreal-based Bentley Leathers came to light after the bag and accessory retailer applied to restructure its operations.

And now after successful court proceedings, Bentley Leathers will close 90 stores across Canada as part of a restructuring agreement.

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The stores that are being closed are ones that the longstanding mall retailer has identified as underperforming, including locations in downtown Montreal and Regina.

Closing the stores will put Bentley Leathers in a better position for the future.

Amid the restructuring, Bentley Leathers will continue you open new modernized concept stores, similar to one that launched at CF Pointe-Claire in Montreal this past October.

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The concept store focuses on making the purchasing process easier for shoppers.

The main difference between the new concept and old is how it’s merchandised; the store is divided into two sections: travel and day-to-day. Another difference is how the store is lit, which allows the product showcased to speak for itself. The new Bentley Leathers also features less brands to cut down on the clutter.

Thus far, there are four of the new Bentley Leathers stores; three in Quebec and one in Ottawa, and if all goes to plan, we’ll continue to see them open.

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