RONA And Lowe’s Announce Store Closures For Across Canada

RONA And Lowe's Announce Store Closures For Across Canada

Just as the end of the year is creeping up, it seems that some retailers, sadly, can’t escape retail apocalypse.

North America’s largest home improvement chain, Lowe’s Canada, recently announced that it would be shuttering a number of Lowe’s and RONA retail locations by early next year.

Lowe’s Canada will be shuttering 34 stores across the country.

According to a press release, the announcement comes after a “detailed strategic review of its operations.” By closing underperforming stores, Lowe’s Canada hopes to “improve performance and better position itself for the future.”

lowe's and rona store closures

Of the Lowe’s and RONA store closures, the bulk are RONA stores in Quebec.

In total, Canadians can expect nine Lowe’s and RONA store closures in Ontario, three in British Columbia, six in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan, and three in Nova Scotia. All of the store are expected to close by January and February 2020.

The announcement comes one year after Lowe’s Canada announced 31 store closures in Canada and 20 store closures in the United States in November 2018.

We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses. Until then, find the list of effected Lowe’s and RONA stores here.

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