Where to Get the Best Grilled Cheese in Toronto

Some keep it classic, while others go full-on eccentric. Here are the best restaurants in Toronto to satisfy your grilled cheese craving.
Where to Get the Best Grilled Cheese in Toronto

We’ve come a long way from the days of the simple grilled cheese – a few slices of Kraft Singles melted between two pieces of Wonderbread. While some of your lazy Sunday cooking sessions may still look like this, Toronto restaurants have taken their grilled cheese sandwiches up a notch. Some keep it classic with an added twist, while others go full-on eccentric. Here are the best restaurants in Toronto to satisfy your grilled cheese craving.

1. Brooklyn Tavern

The Pork Carnitas Grilled Cheese at Brooklyn Tavern is not to be missed. Made with cheddar cheese and pork carnitas, and served with a side of slaw and fries, it’s the perfect place to get your fix. And if your appetite is a little more hearty, don’t worry, you can always top your sandwich off with a fried egg for $2 more.

Image: Instagram/ @sophie.louise.w

2. The Stockyards

It doesn’t get much better than the grilled cheese at The Stockyards. They serve up the ideal twist on the classic grilled cheese with smoked cheese, green apple, caramelized onion, and thyme-scented sourdough. Yum.

Image: Instagram/ @liam.owens

3. Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

The grilled cheese at Maha’s is comfort food at its finest. Made with juicy dates that are sauteed in butter before added to their three cheese blend of Gouda, havarti and swiss, you’re in for a sweet treat. Stacked on egg bread, drizzled with honey and served with cumin home fries, salata balady or lentil soup, you’ll get the perfect blend of sweet and savoury.


Image: Instagram/ @imashleeeeya

4. Completo Club

For a Chilean spin on the classic grilled cheese, head to Completo and order their Loaded Grilled Cheese. Complete with aged cheese, diced tomato, refried beans, mashed avocado, roasted red pepper sauce and homemade hot sauce, it’s a true gooey masterpiece.

Image: Instagram/ @cathryn_moffett

5. Aunties & Uncles 

Aunties & Uncles is one of Toronto’s go-to brunch spots, and if you’re craving a grilled cheese, it’s the place to go. It doesn’t stray far from the classic grilled cheese, made with tomatoes and challah bread, but the cherry on top is definitely their made-from-scratch ketchup for dipping.

Image: Instagram/ @jenna11235

6. Rashers 

Known for making the perfect bacon sandwiches, it’s no surprise you can find a couple of delicious bacon-filled grilled cheese sandwiches at Rashers. Try the Bacon Grilled Cheese made with aged cheddar and smoked strip bacon, or if you’re in the mood for something sweet, opt for the Apple and Maple Grilled Cheese with maple glazed bacon, year aged cheddar and homemade apple chutney. And this just in, you can build your own, so choose your favourite ingredients and go wild!

Image: Instagram/ @rashersto

7. Hair of the Dog Pub

The Butter Chicken Grilled Cheese at Hair of the Dog Pub is an absolute must-try. Made with spiced curry chicken, a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and loaded on challah bread, you’ve never had grilled cheese like this before.

Image: Instagram/ @lauraheartsmusic

Featured image: Instagram/ @thestockyards

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