10 Of The Best Hidden Gem Places To Get A Facial In Toronto

Ugh, if there is one thing I hate about the winter season, it’s definitely the frigid temperatures. Yeah sure, it’s great for breaking out all those lovely layering sweaters and beautiful thick scarfs to protect your neck, but you know what it’s not great for? Your skin! As temperatures dip lower, as they do here in Canada, it tends to wreak havoc on your skin making it dry, flaky and in some cases, even cracking. If you’re like me and try to have a serious skincare regimen, then there are some simple things you can do to save your skin during the winter season and it includes sometimes indulging in a facial. Sure we could go to any of the many spas that Toronto has, but if you’re looking for a cozier experience, then head to any of these hidden gem places to score a great facial.

Here are 10 great hidden gem spots to get a facial in Toronto.

Dermalogica @ Royal Bank Plaza

facial in toronto

Listen, we all have our own skincare routines, but sometimes, there’s no shame in admitting that we need extra help. This is why at the beginning of December, I went to the brand new Dermalogica flagship located inside the Royal Bank Plaza to book my very own treatment. I selected the ProSkin 30, which cost $70 and offers a high-impact treatment customized to my skin concerns. Not only was the facial totally rejuvenating to my skin, but the team also introduced me to a gentle exfoliant that’s perfect for the winter months. Since the skin barrier is compromised during the winter (because of the dryness and the cold air), it’s important to use a gentle exfoliant. Who knew?

Province Apothecary

facial in toronto

Our skin is kind of like a map, and the way each person’s skin reacts to different climates is different. This is why I was super interested in Province Apothecary’s holistic approach at its skincare clinic which is located on Dundas West. One of the brands’ facials can cost between $90-$120 for up to 60 minutes, depending on the specific treatment. With that said, the team will customize a unique facial experience for you and use only active plant ingredients and essential oils. My biggest take away here: using gentler, more natural products for your face, especially during the winter is way BETTER. So go ahead, and splurge.

Gee Beauty

facial in toronto

Recently I moved into the Rosedale area and came across Gee Beauty, who are known in the city for some of the signature facials it offers. If you’re fighting against the winter skin blues, you’re going to want to book in for the ‘Naturally Gorgeous’ facial for $165 for 60 minutes. This facial will repair the skin while aiming to bring back radiance that’ll enhance your glow. For an additional cost, you can add in a treatment with an LED light device and to be honest, when trying to beat off the winter’s SAD, it’s totally helpful.

The Detox Market

facial in toronto

Everyone knows that The Detox Market is the place to go for all your clean beauty needs but did you know that you can now experience a facial in Toronto there, too? At the retailer’s Yorkville location on Scollard Street, book in for the Odacité’s “Temple of Beauty Facial” which uses the brands all natural yet effective products. Expect to see a noticeable post-facial glow that’ll also have you looking majorly contoured. In addition to the relaxing hour-long facial, you’ll also receive a warm and cold gua sha massage which de-puffs the face, and is great for lymphatic drainage.

Blitz Facial Bar

facial in toronto

Known for its killer facial menu, Blitz Facial Bar is the place to go for all of your skin needs. My go-to when visiting is “The Micro” facial, which is just 30 minutes ling and costs only $85. While this facial goes through all the nitty, gritty of most facial procedures, it also restores collagen, and uses a diamond tip paired with gentle suction to remove the outermost layer of dead skin. Trust me, it’s pretty cathartic to see and hear that dead skin being removed.

Majesty’s Pleasure

While everyone is town knows Majesty’s Pleasure for its nail art, you probably didn’t know that this hotspot offers a quality facial in Toronto. Stop by for its “Rejuvenating Facial” that’s 60 minutes long and even though it costs $165, let me tell you — the steam, exfoliation and extraction process is incredible. Not moisturizing your skin can leave cracks in the skins surface, so if you’re feeling all the dry skin feels, then this process will be key in helping it stay supple.


silk and palm

If you’re in the mood for a unique facial, check out Yorkville’s SILK + PALM and try out it’s Silk Glow facial which includes the spa’s signature acupuncture. It’ll put you out $150 but you can’t really put a price on great skin, right? The acupuncture balances out the skin from the inside out and increases collagen production and it’s followed by relaxing gua sha and jade roller massage that increases circulation and reduces puffiness.

Tips Nail Bar

tips nail bar

Another Toronto nail salon that’s known for its nail art is Tips Nail Bar but you can get so much more there besides a fabulous mani. Tips is home to a great hidden-gem spa that offers top quality facials in Toronto as well as microdermabrasion, peels, and more. If you don’t have the time for a full-on facial, Tips offers 20 minute Micro-Zone treatments like flash exfoliation, eye rescue, and lip renewal, among others as well as its classic 75 minute Dermalogica facial which is the real deal.

The Ten Spot

the ten spot

With so many Ten Spot locations not only in Toronto but across the country, you’re never far from a wealth of beauty services. The Ten Spot offers nail services, laser, waxing, and of course, facials at all of its locations. Choose from a quickie detox facial for $60 if you’re in a hurry or indulge in a fully customized facial for $110. Plus, at some outposts you can even enjoy a post-facial cocktail!

Sweat And Tonic

sweat and tonic

Life is moving so fast these days that we’re constantly searching for convenience everywhere we go. If you’re in need of a facial and a good workout but can’t make it to both places, simply head to Sweat and Tonic that’s located right across the street from the CF Toronto Eaton Centre. The gym/spa/wellness hybrid offers not only HIIT classes, but boxing and yoga, as well as spa services. All of the facials at Sweat and Tonic are just 30 minutes and use Consonant Skincare products, so know you’re getting the best of the best. Even better, if you’re a first time Consonant customer, you can score your first facial for just $45 instead of the regular $65.

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