Take A Peek Inside Canada’s First Guerlain Spa At Hotel X Toronto

Take A Peek Inside Canada's First Guerlain Spa At Hotel X Toronto
Guerlain Spa

With December and the bustling holiday season upon us, you might be looking for ways to unwind and relax. If so, then you need to have Canada’s first Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto on your radar. Located on the fourth floor of Hotel X Toronto, the Guerlain Spa offers prime views of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario, but also an assortment of luxury spa treatments. The Toronto location joins the family of 40 Guerlain spas worldwide in cities like New York City, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Doha, and more.

“The Guerlain Spa is a perfect complement to the hotel’s passion for wellness and a balanced lifestyle,” said Christopher Lambert, Managing Director at Hotel X Toronto.

Guerlain Spa

The Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto features 10 treatment rooms where clients can receive an array of relaxing treatments ranging from massages and facials, to nail services and make up applications. There are also two rooms for couples services where you can have your massage next to your SO, or of course, a pal. Even better, the spa has the complete Guerlain skincare and makeup line available to purchase, too.

There are also three treatments that are exclusive to spa visitors at Hotel X Toronto.

The Lakeside Stone Massage features hot stones for improved circulation, the TO Sports Massage which works on muscle tension, and the Glamour In Toronto which combines a facial treatment with a hand massage.

Guerlain Spa

What’s fabulous about getting a treatment here is that every one begins with the awakening of all the senses. What does that mean exactly? Well, before your massage (for example), your Beauty Expert will have you lay back, close your eyes, and smell four different elixirs that will guide you on your journey to feeling the ultimate in relaxation.

On top of experiencing pure luxury relaxation, during your stay at the spa, clients can also enjoy the spa’s lounge which also features views of the lake, and the steam room that’s located in the change rooms.

I had the opportunity to visit the new Guerlain Spa myself for a massage, and it’s absolutely everything you could ever imagine, and more.

Guerlain Spa

My experience began with a chic glass of complimentary bubbly in the lounge while relaxing on a day bed that even functions as a massage chair. Talk about a great start!

I was quickly shown into my private room that started with me choosing an elixir for my massage. To be honest, they all smelled fabulous and relaxing — it was so hard to choose! After discussing areas of my back that needed a little extra love, my masseuse got started and I quickly felt the hour we had together fly by.

After my massage, I retreated back to the change room to take advantage of the steam room, as my masseuse said it’s a great way to end any service at the spa.


After a good steam, I felt ready to face the outside world, but not before I took in the gorgeous view one last time. Of course every spa you might visit promises relaxation, and it’s no doubt that you’ll experience it, but at the this spa, relaxation is coupled with luxury and that’s a combination that truly go hand-in-hand.

Regardless of if you’re in need of some TLC this holiday season, or looking to give the gift of it, Guerlain’s Spa at Hotel X Toronto is just the ticket. In addition to feeling relaxed, I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of my week.

Take a peek inside the Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto:

Guerlain Spa
Guerlain Spa
Guerlain Spa
Guerlain Spa
Guerlain Spa

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