5 of the Best Pizza Places in Toronto

From chains to dine-in pizza joints and everything in between, there’s definitely no shortage of pizza places in Toronto.
5 of the Best Pizza Places in Toronto

From chains to dine-in pizza joints and everything in between, there’s definitely no shortage of pizza places in Toronto. You might think it would be hard to stand out in the sea of za, but there are some pizzerias that have risen above the rest. Some of these spots have fused the line between high-quality pizza and quick service, while others are the perfect place to enjoy a sit-down meal.

Whether you’re in the mood for Neapolitan style, New York style, or just want the lowdown on where to get a really good slice, check out 5 of the best pizza places in Toronto.

1. Pizzeria Libretto

For a classic Neapolitan style pizza, Pizzeria Libretto is one of the best. With four locations around the city, you can eat in, take out or get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Their duck confit pizza, topped with bosc pear and mozzarella is out of this world, and the Libretto Margherita is a simple but delicious favourite. You can substitute spelt or gluten-free crust on any pizza, as well as vegan cheese. Throw on their chili oil and you have pure magic.

Image: Instagram/@pizzalibretto

2. Pi Co. 

Somewhere between fast food and fine dining, Pi Co. is a pizza place you need in your life. Their made-to-order Neapolitan style pizzas have become a Toronto crowd pleaser, allowing foodies to get custom crafted pizzas in just a few minutes. They offer a quick experience with high quality pizza so you can have the best of both worlds. From classic thin crust pizzas to twice baked Neapolitan pizza pockets, their toppings are always fresh and locally bought when possible.

Image: Instagram/ @pi_co_pizza

3. TrueTrue Pizza

Located on King Street East, this stunningly-designed pizza place is one of the Toronto’s hot spots. Not only is the interior completely Instagram-worthy, their pizzas are incredibly tasty. Opt for a small, personal, or large pizza with your choice of dough. With unique names ranging from the “Bruno Mars” with toppings like fior di latte, blue cheese and napoli salami, and “Into the Wild” topped with roasted mushroom, fresh parmesan and truffle oil, you really can’t go wrong. They promise artisanal personal pizzas created to order right in front of you and baked in just two minutes. Can you ask for anything more?

Image: Instagram/@eattruetrue

4. Village Pizza

For New York style za, head to Village Pizza. With two locations to choose from (one on Dundas and one on Dovercourt), you can opt for a classic like the pepperoni or margherita, or go for one of their signature pizzas like “The Hungry Vegan” or the “Thanks, Obama!”. Or if you think you could do it better yourself, you can create your own pizza with your favourite toppings. They also have a handful of handmade dips in case your pizza gets a little lonely.

Image: Instagram/@villagepizza_to

5. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

If you’re looking for a casual, take-out pizza joint, look no further than North of Brooklyn Pizzeria. With always locally sourced ingredients and homemade dough and sauce, their love for pizza shines through in each slice of the pie they create. Their simple white pizza with mozzarella, garlic ricotta and arugula is a fan favourite, as is their kale and bacon pizza pie. Add in their adored garlic knots, made from leftover pizza dough, and your mouth won’t know what hit it!

Image: Instagram/@northofbrooklyn

Do you know any other great pizza places in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @pi_co_pizza

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