8 Best Winter Boot Brands To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry

Keep your toes warm and dry while staying slip-free this winter. Here are some of our favourite winter boot brands to keep your toes warm all winter long.
8 Best Winter Boot Brands To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry

By now, you already know what a real Canadian winter is like.

When the snow falls, it’s pristine and powdery, but once people get walking through it, it gets mucky and slushy. This year, prepare yourself for whatever conditions you may find yourself in. You already know where to get the warmest of winter jackets and the best winter accessories, but now it’s time to take care of your biggest support: your feet! 

Keep your toes warm and dry while staying slip-free this winter.

Here are some of our favourite winter boot brands to keep your toes warm all winter long.


winter boot brands

Baffin won’t let your toes down this winter! They mix maximum warmth and traction support perfectly — offering boots that have a ski-bunny aesthetic. The brand has a diverse range of styles to suit whatever your needs are, whether you’re trekking down city sidewalks or on a deep woods adventure. Prices range between $150 and $230. 

Shop Baffin winter boots on baffin.com.

Royal Canadian Boots

winter boot brands

Royal Canadian boots are perfect for winter in the city. They are urban and sleek while remaining practical in cold conditions, protecting against temperatures as cold as -30. Prices range between $200 and $300, but they are well worth it and will last for many winters to come. 

Shop Royal Canadian winter boots on myroyalcanadian.com.


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Sperry offers classic duck-style insulated winter boots. Duck boots are so classic that they give off a vintage preppy aesthetic — give your step a little prep this winter! Boots from Sperry start at the $150 mark. 

Shop Sperry winter boots on sperry.com.


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Pajar is a Canadian brand that knows how cold toes can get on winter nights. Their boots will keep your feet warm with temperatures as cold as -30 and are a great height to keep your shins warm and the snow out, where it belongs. If you’re in Toronto, you can visit the brand’s first-ever retail store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Prices for classic boots start at $130. 

Shop Pajar winter boots on pajar.com.


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Cougar makes warm winter boots in a variety of styles, allowing you to stay true to your unique and fabulous sense of style. Don’t let your style or feet slip this winter — grab yourself a pair, and you’ll never have to worry about walking in the snow again. Prices start at $150, and Cougar’s selection is good between -24 and -30 temperatures. 

Shop Cougar winter boots on cougarshoes.com.


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Best known for their hiking and fitness footwear, many don’t realize that Merrell actual offers winter boots, too. Merrell offers a boot line with “Artic Grip” technology, a specialized traction to make sure you stay on your feet with icy conditions. Their boots are designed with warmth and safety first, and style a close second. You can score a pair of boots for between $130 and $240. 

Shop Merrell winter boots on merrell.com.


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Make fun of UGG all you want, but their winter boots are legit. We’re not talking about their classic soft boots, but their collection of winter and snow footwear. Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement, or just looking to make it through winter, rest easy knowing that UGG’s winter-ready boots are equipped with “Arctic Grip” and waterproof construction. Prices are a little steeper, starting at $160 and capping at $400.

Shop UGG boots at ugg.com.


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What would this list be if we didn’t include the OG? While Sorel has since expanded into different categories of footwear, what they started with (and what they know best) is winter boots! They’ve been making them since 1959 and are considered one of the best in the business. Their styles range from heavy duty to casual everyday wear, and their prices run between $130 and $400.

Shop Sorel boots on sorelfootwear.ca.

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