Top 7 Places To Shop For Affordable Holiday Outfits In Toronto

The holidays are wonderful, but they can also be stressful. Keep stress in check with affordable outfit choices and no compromise.
Top 7 Places To Shop For Affordable Holiday Outfits In Toronto

The holiday season is all about spending time with family and friends. Looking your best without stressing about the cost of your outfit is priceless — not to mention the stress of potentially spilling gravy or wine on your outfit.

Often, those we see over holidays is seldom and reserved for these special times. Make it even more special and show loved ones how awesome you’ve been with an outfit that does your beauty and inner confidence justice.

Here’s a list of our favourite places to shop for holiday parties and events.



We had to start the list off with the mother of discounted fashion brands at 20-60% below department price. Winners has several shipments of new arrivals put on their floor multiple times per week. If you can’t find your perfect holiday outfit on your first trip, don’t stress and pop by another time for better luck. In this case, we advise starting the hunt as soon as your busy life allows – your holiday shine will thank you later.

Some lose and some win during the holiday craze — be a winner with dresses from $24.99 and up at Winners.



H&M is the perfect place for a variety of holiday look options. Their vast selection allows you to execute that holiday vision you’ve been harbouring for 12 months. Options from blouses, blazers, trousers, dresses, jumpsuits, accessories and more. This is the go-to spot for an entirely new outfit from head to toe.

Having so much inventory means lots of sale selection options! Make your look even more affordable without compromise – shop their party dress sale selection here, featuring dresses from $17.99 and up.



Get that #dynamitestyle and work their chic items into your wardrobe this holiday season. This season they are focused on sequins and we have no complaints. Wearing sequins gives off good times vibes and confidence. Let your hair down and have some good old fashion fun, you deserve to feel the love and laugh uncontrollably and dance and eat…clearly we are excited to enjoy all the holidays have to offer.

We love how adaptable their inventory is for any holiday occasion. Need a couple of looks for different gatherings? No problem, they’ve got cute and cozy sweaters for more intimate gatherings as well as stunning glam dresses and everything in between. Tbh, Dynamite slipped off our radar but damn, they are stepping up their game and we are impressed.



Looking for more of a minimal yet classy holiday vibe? Uniqlo is a great place to supplement your existing wardrobe with a nice new blouse or beautiful winter sweater. This is the perfect option for a cottage-like holiday occasion.. We usually say “there’s no such thing as overdressing”, however, we are full advocates of dressing appropriately and sometimes less is more takes the cake.

Heading up to a cottage or simply wanting more of a cozy and toned down look this Christmas? We do NOT blame you, dress appropriately for the snowy conditions and still look stunning with Uniqlo.

You guessed it – their prices are within your holiday budget!

Common Sort


Common Sort is thrift and consignment store with amazing prices and a great selection! We are always impressed by brands they carry, reflecting the collective style and vibes of the 3 locations they operate in:

  • Common Sort – Parkdale, 1414 Queen Street West
  • Common Sort Annex 444 Bloor St. W
  • Sort Riverside 800 Queen St. E

Make a holiday shopping date with your friend(s) and hit up all locations – we almost guarantee all of you will score at least one piece for your holiday outfit.

Their business model is buying, selling and trading fashion which translates super well in Toronto’s urban landscape and culture, creating a space with curated yet affordable thrifted finds. Common Sort will give you the perfect touch of a cool girl from the city when you visit home for the holidays. It is also an awesome option for holiday parties, with fun thrifted items and you’ll just want to party after the thrill you get from your amazing and cheap find!

M Boutique


M Boutique believes in empowering women, embracing curves and has a love for all things fashion. They are a Canadian-owned and operated company with 19 stores across Toronto. Their numerous locations are perfect for the hectic holidays.

Feel like bringing the glam this season? M Boutique will give you instantaneous diva with her sh** together status. We love how they empower women with clothing that embraces curves. Whether you need a sexy outfit for a killer party or a more toned down sweater dress for more of a low-key event, they have plenty of options.

Prices are reasonable for a holiday season investment, they generally range from: $29 for sweaters and bodysuits, $35 for throw-over fashion blazers, $59 for party dresses and $69 for jumpsuits.

If you decide to enhance your holiday look with M Boutique, make sure you throw them a tag: #msgotit

Value Village


Mix and match old and new, leaving a little more financial wiggle room to spend a little extra on the other components of your outfit or gifts for others or savings or whatever! 

Feeling up for the challenge? Get together with your friends and create a challenge to put together a killer thrifted holiday outfit. See what you can come up with! At the very least you will have many laughs, a killer time with friends and most likely an awesome new thrifted holiday piece.

Value Village will have you standing out like the snowflake you are.

The holidays are wonderful, but they can also be stressful. Keep stress in check with affordable choices and no compromise. Happy holidays lovelies!

Featured Image: Instagram/@dynamiteclothing