9 Canadian Brands To Shop At Sephora Right Now

9 Canadian Brands To Shop At Sephora Right Now

Canada is known for many things but beauty might not be what comes straight to mind. There are some amazing Canadian beauty brands that aren’t just available to shop in just any ol’ store but did you know you can shop them at your local Sephora store? Sephora is one of the largest beauty companies in the world and is a major destination for not just makeup but all things beauty including skincare, hair, and fragrance.

These 9 brands are all Canadian and have officially “made it” into the beauty big leagues and they’re all shop-able at Sephora stores and online!


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Created by Toronto-based sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel, Nudestix quickly dominated the Canadian beauty scene. All based around easy makeup, this brand focuses around beauty for boss babes who are always busy and on the go. The brands Magnetic Matte Lip crayons pack a major pigmented punch and the Lip + Cheek Pencils are a blessing for those days when you aren’t down to pack multiple products.

ILIA Beauty

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Show your Canadian pride and shop ILIA Beauty the next time you hit up Sephora. This clean beauty brand is focused on products that are made without harsh chemicals. Using organic botanicals, ILIA creates makeup that is cruelty free and USDA certified organic.

MAC Cosmetics

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One of my personal faves in the beauty game is MAC Cosmetics. Not only is MAC a cruelty free company but this is a brand that knows what it’s good at. MAC products have the highest pigments and staying power and they’re not too expensive either. A lot of folks might not know that MAC originated in a small Toronto salon in 1984 but this globally recognized brand is certainly doing something right, right?

RMS Beauty

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A fave among celebs and make up artists around the world is Canadian-born RMS Beauty. Created by make up artist herself, Rose Marie Swift, RMS believes it’s about more than just using organic, non-toxic ingredients but ingredients that nourish and heal the skin too. Not only is RMS’ philosophy brilliant but its packaging is all biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable!


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Need a skincare switch-up? Head to your local Sephora and get your hands on some Consonant goodies. This Canadian brand is all about a skincare regime that’s effortless and edited. All of the ingredients in Consonant’s products are 100% natural and are formulated with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. All of this info leaves me wondering where the heck Consonant has been all my life?

Bite Beauty

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If your look isn’t complete without a bold lip, then Bite Beauty needs to be on your radar. This Toronto brand has garnered worldwide fame with its remarkable lip products and of course, the iconic Lip Lab where you can design your own custom lip shade. In Canada and the U.S, you can only shop Bite Beauty online, exclusively at Sephora, or at the Lip Lab. From the Crystal Crème Shimmer Lip Crayons to their Agave Lip Mask, everything is also certified Clean and that’s really something to bite into!

Cover FX

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Toronto company, Cover FX, got its start right in the dermatologists office so you know it’s pretty legit. Formulated specially for sensitive skin, this line is known for their inclusive shade range and we all know how important that is nowadays. From their wide selection of foundations to their oh-so-popular Custom Enhancer Drops, it’s proof why Cover FX continues to grow and grow!


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Raise your hand if you didn’t know MoroccanOil was Canadian. Yeah—me either but now we can make up for that by shopping all of the brands argan oil goodness. We owe our healthy and glossy hair to founder Carmen Tal, who created the brand while living in Montreal. MoroccanOil is known worldwide for giving fans shiny and hydrated strands and the fun doesn’t stop there. The brand has also launched body products so that we can be moisturized and healthy literally from head to toe!


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If you thought Sephora couldn’t get any more Canadian, then think again. Skincare brand B.Kamins uses sap from maple trees as their signature ingredient in its Bio-Maple™ technology. This technology works to hydrate the driest skin, fight fine lines, wrinkles, and help enhance the turnover of new cells which will reveal brighter, more energized skin. Who doesn’t want all that?!

Velour Lashes

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Created by Mabel Lee, right here in Toronto, Velour Lashes is all about using the finest materials to give you your most voluminous lashes ever. All of Velour Lashes’ products are ethically sourced and are free from chemical processing and dyes so they’re suitable for the most sensitive eyes. These lashes are so easy to use that you don’t have to be a pro at application—the unique and flexible cotton thread band allows for a seamless lash application, even for beginners!

Featured Image: Instagram/@bitebeauty

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