Canadian Design House of Hayla Introduces Monochromatic Heels To The World

Toronto creatives Hayla Amini and George Sully ( Sully Wong) have come together to present a shoe that hasn’t really been seen before.
Canadian Design House of Hayla Introduces Monochromatic Heels To The World

We love when Toronto creatives get together and create products and concepts that are not only exciting but different as well.  Sometimes there’s an idea that comes forth, and it leaves you thinking “it’s so simple and beautiful how come I didn’t think of that?”  Toronto creatives Hayla Amini and George Sully  have come together to present a shoe that hasn’t really been seen before. While pumps are nothing new, you may have noticed that most pumps don’t often come in solid monochrome colours as the shoe’s base is often a different colour and or material from the heel. The reason for this is simple. Up until recently, it was cost prohibitive to create a top and base for a high-heeled shoe in the same material. The reason for this is because it made it extremely difficult to mass produce different colours of the same shoe. In days past you would create a singular heel and attach it to varying different bases in order to cut costs.

With this in mind, it was only a matter of time until someone cracked the code and created a brand that managed to create a truly monochrome shoe for women.

Dubbed House of Hayla – Hayla Amini and George Sully have come together to create a Monochrome Heel Collection, and it’s beautiful and affordable. Monochromatic fashion has been a staple in men’s shoe design for decades but rarely pressed upon with dramatics in women’s design until now. Drawing inspiration from a selection of vibrant Pantone colour palettes, the new collection showcases ten stunning colours of Mauve, Crimson Red, Jet Black, Light Sand, Light Salmon, Royal Blue, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Light Mint, and Creamsicle Orange in full monochromatic glory – from top to heel tip. The Monochrome Heel Collection combines the perfect mix of vegan synthetics sourced in a single tone to create a unified look that will compliment any outfit.


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The Monochrome Heel Collection is a modernized take on a classic silhouette designed with comfort in mind. The shoe entails a spacious toe box that leaves more room for toes to breathe, dynamic cruelty-free vegan TPU flex-fit outer material, and an inner memory pad insert that forms to the foot for comfort with every step.  Amini says, “I’ve had an affection for shoes, especially heels, ever since I can remember – recognizing its relationship and importance to building an outfit. I want to establish the brand as the go-to closet pick for the ultimate made-to-match wardrobe experience. For that, I’m looking
forward to expanding the rainbow palette to cover as many colours of the Pantone spectrum as possible”.

Take a look at some of the collection below:

From top to heel tip, the new Monochrome Heel Collection by House of Hayla is a complete devotion to tone – a total submersion of colour.

The collection is now available online and select boutiques for $140 CAD