7 Must-Have Canadian Menswear Brands for Fall

It wasn’t too long ago that Canadian fashion was synonymous with winter outerwear, but these Canadian menswear brands have gained recognition internationally, putting Canada on the map.
7 Must-Have Canadian Menswear Brands for Fall

It wasn’t too long ago that Canadian fashion was synonymous with winter outerwear and denim on denim, also known as the Canadian tuxedo. Over the years, we’ve outgrown that image and have blossomed into the fashion scene we have today with the emergence of internationally respected brands.

Here are some Canadian menswear brands that you must have in your closet for this upcoming fall season:


canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@wingsandhorns

Started in 2004, wings+horns has been a staple in the closets of countless Canadians due to their high quality standards and the design of their products. Since its conception, wings+horns has been known for their domestically produced goods that hover the fine line between streetwear & menswear. With inspirations from the Canadian landscapes & Japanese innovations, you truly get the best of both worlds.


Atelier New Regime

canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@ateliernewregime

Known for their affinity for the colour orange, Atelier New Regime, based out of Montreal, is one of the most exciting fashion brands on the market right now. Having started their brand in 2009 selling shirts out of the trunk of their cars and using basements as stock rooms, the brand has grown tremendously and can now be found throughout North America. Their most recent collection features an amazing souvenir jacket that is the perfect outerwear piece for fall.


Reigning Champ

canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@reigningchamp

Canadian fleece is known to be some of the best in the world, and Reigning Champ is the embodiment of that statement. Based out of Vancouver, it’s safe to say that they have mastered their craft and are producing some of the most comfortable and well constructed products on the market today.



canadian menswear brand
Image: Instagram/@muttonhead

Muttonhead is a unisex sportswear brand based out of Toronto that has been around since 2009. With high quality control & fair trade practises, it only emphasizes the creation of sustainable functional goods that are manufactured in Toronto. Clean designs that are ready for everyday wear, as well as many pieces highlighting neutral colours, are a few of the reasons to grab a knit or henley and make it a staple piece for your closet.


Naked & Famous

canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@nakedandfamousdenim

Founders Brandon Svarc & Bahzad Trinos have done an amazing job with the production of high quality raw Japanese denim at a great price point. Naked & Famous Denim offers a wide array of fabrics, colours and fits to satisfy a wide array of needs. Offered in both men & women’s designs, all of their denim products are produced in Canada with the fabrics mostly imported from Japanese mills.


Raised by Wolves

canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@raisedbywolves

Having started in 2008 as a brand that gained its notoriety through their 5-panel hats, Raised by Wolves has grown tremendously with the evolution of their seasonal products. In addition to their apparel and accessories, they also have some amazing household items such as the coffee mugs. Their Pre-Fall 2017 catalogue highlights some amazing pieces that will be great for this fall, including a digi-camo half-zip pullover windbreaker and a slim fit cargo overall.



canadian menswear brands
Image: Instagram/@virgilabloh

Headquartered in Montreal, Dime has become one of the premier skateboarding brands in all of Canada. With their minimalistic designs on accessories and apparel, they have gotten the attention of some of the world’s best minds in fashion. Not only are their products available in Canada, you can find them stocked throughout the world in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Did we miss any of the best Canadian menswear brands on the market right now? Share them in the comment section.

Featured Image: Instagram/@muttonhead

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