These are The Most Trusted Brands in Canada

Having trust in a brand is one of the most important things for consumers when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Our friends at Retail-Insider have just posted a great study that came out of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria and it highlights the most trusted brands in Canada and many of them are retailers.

This is the third time the study has taken place and the study highlights how well the brand engages with the community, how brands maintain their relationships and the experience that customers receive from the brand.

All the aforementioned plays a vital role into how consumers interact with the brand and how the brand is viewed in the industry. The study polled 6,560 consumers and asked to score 294 Canadian companies and brands.  The study measures the performance of brands in 26 different sectors on a range of brand values.

Trust is very important as it represents more than what the brand offers, it represents what the brand does. How do they deal with customer concerns, how do they deal with changes, and how does the brand keep great customers coming back? It’s all about trust.

Here’s the list excerpted from Retail-Insider that highlights Canada’s Most Trusted Brands:

  1. MEC (1)
  2. Canadian Automobile Association – CAA (New)
  3. Costco Wholesale (3)
  4. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (8)
  5. IKEA (22)
  6. Chapters/Indigo (59)
  7. President’s Choice (1)
  8. Interac (11)
  9. Cirque du Soleil (New)
  10. WestJet (54)


Source: Retail-Insider