Caroline Néron is the Canadian Accessory Designer You Should be Watching

Learn a little more about Caroline Néron, the Quebec-based label that currently has 20 boutiques in Canada, a few hundred distributors worldwide…
Caroline Néron is the Canadian Accessory Designer You Should be Watching

Owning a self-grown business is pretty cool… owning a self-grown business while you’re a wife and mother, and growing that business exponentially in a year’s time, now that’s badass. Canadian accessory designer Caroline Néron fits that caliber of boss lady. The type where you’re like, ‘she is for sure bionic.’

Beginning her career in acting and singing, the Quebecer had an innate passion for accessories and fashion. “I found myself inspired to create a jewelry line after a trip to Las Vegas. I wanted to have control over my career, and in acting and singing it’s quite difficult.”

Three weeks later she launched her first collection in major retailer Les Ailes De La Mode and only a year later in Simons. Néron is now the CEO for her namesake company, which includes jewelry and accessories for women, men and tweens.

caroline neron
Introducing Caroline Néron

While originally starting off with women’s jewelry, Néron comments that it was a very natural transition into handbags and accessories. “I am always adding to my brand, exploring different avenues and finding holes in the market that complement my current collection and make sense for my customer.”

It’s certainly not a bad approach to business considering the size of her current company; 20 boutiques in Canada, a few hundred distributors worldwide and an online store. Not to mention the fact that she’s a judge on the Quebec version of Dragons’ Den.

“I think you need to be passionate about what you’re pursuing but also put it into action. It’s hard to stay motivated if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing.” Pretty solid proof that doing what you love is not a cliche.

And while being driven and good in business is essential, producing products customers love is just as important. “Glamour with a Bohemian Spirit is the essence of my brand,” Néron says. One look at the pieces and the two design qualities are an obvious match.

Caroline Néron’s TW runway show

The current collection pulled inspiration from different eras. Models at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TW) walked down the runway dripping in layers of chains and pendants. “Victorian to Ancient Greece, with an exploration of elements such as hammered metals, silk threads, agates and other precious stones.”

“My goal here was to show my creativity and emulate how glamour can be an individual state of mind while still maintaining your free bohemian spirit.” It’s an effortlessly cool look that would elevate any outfit.

One of the most interesting pieces and Néron’s favourite from the new collection is the Wish Box necklace. “The necklace relates to how I have always written my goals and ambitions and used visualization as a tool for self-realization.” Wearers can write their prayers, secrets or wishes on a piece of paper and place it inside the box, affirming one’s goals and offering incentive to produce the changes necessary to make the wish come true. Whether you’re superstitious or not, Néron’s ideology hits home.

Torontonians can find Caroline Néron in several boutiques across Ontario including Cupido, Noinkee’s Boutique, Heffernan’s Jewellery, and Muse Boutique as well as her website. Néron also has plans to open a store in Toronto in Spring 2018. Keep your eyes on this Canadian brand — Néron is well on her way to having a global business

Learn more about Caroline Néron here.

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