10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day in Toronto

This year, celebrate your love for your lady friends by hosting your own Galentine’s Day party. Gather your gang for a potluck party, a rom-com movie marathon or go on an epic road trip, here are some ideas on how to spend it with your squad.
10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day in Toronto

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re single or happily taken, you can always have a fun time celebrating with friends!

This year, celebrate your love for your lady friends by hosting your own Galentine’s Day party. The unofficial holiday, which was introduced by NBC’s Parks and Recreation, is all about girl power, ladies celebrating ladies and honouring the friendship between women.

So there’s no need to feel down if you don’t have a bae to spend the romantic day with – just grab your gal pals! Whether you decide to gather your gang for a potluck party, a rom-com movie marathon or go on an epic road trip, here are some ideas on how to spend it with your squad.

Host a potluck dinner party

The Walton
Dinner at the Walton (Image: Instagram/@ariadnamorogan)

Potluck dinners are a great idea because they distribute the burden of cooking impressive food equally among the guests. So this Galentine’s Day, get all your girls together and each cook your favourite dish. Then sit around eating and making each other laugh for an evening – it’s the perfect night!

Skip the mains and host a dessert-only potluck

If you and your gals have a major sweet tooth, this one’s for you. This year forgo a traditional potluck for a dessert-only potluck. Filled with delicious sweets, sugar cookies and maybe even chocolate fondue, you can never go wrong with dessert.

Build a pillow fort and have a rom-com movie marathon

There’s nothing wrong with a cozy night in! Grab all your pillows and blankets, build a fort in your living room and spend this Galentine’s Day snuggling with your gal pals watching your favourite romantic comedies.


Okay, everyone says they don’t like karaoke, but after tossing back a couple glasses of wine, we’re certain there’ll be nothing else you’ll want to do this Galentine’s Day than belt out some tunes with your favourite ladies.

Have a spa day

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You and your fellow girl bosses are hustling all day every day, so why not take the time to treat yourselves? Book a group massage or a facial treatment at your favourite Toronto spa and spend the day getting pampered. On a budget? Turn your apartment into a mini spa for the evening and take turns painting each other’s nails while you all lounge around in fuzzy bathrobes and sheet masks.

Host a craft night

Get a jump on spring decor with an easy DIY craft party. With a few basic steps, you and your girls can create easy but elegant decor for each of your apartments with the help of Pinterest. Find some of our favourite DIY decor ideas here.

Go out for a fancy dinner

Image: Instagram/@clunydistillery

You don’t need a boyfriend to dine at some of Toronto’s most delicious restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with having a romantic meal with the loves who always have your back; your besties. ICONINK venues, like Figo, Batch, Patria, La Societe and more, are offering prix fixe menus to give you the ultimate girls night this Valentine’s Day.

Wine tasting

If you and your squad are able to take a whole day out of your busy schedules and devote it to one another, that calls for cheers. So find a local winery and coordinate a wine tour. Nothing says BFF’s quite like wine does. On a budget? Have everyone bring a bottle of their favourite wine to your place and sip, sip, enjoy!

Go on a weekend road trip

Just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean you have to spend the holiday in your apartment. Do a mini road trip and get out of the city for a weekend with your besties. Maybe a ski break at Blue Mountain? Even just exploring that small town you’ve been meaning to visit can be a fun adventure.

Have a Parks & Rec marathon

What better way to honour the tradition of Galentine’s Day than by going back to where it all began with a Parks and Recreation marathon? Nothing. Enjoy the hilarious Leslie Knope and watch her friendships with Ann, April and Donna bloom over some waffles with your girls.

How are you planning to celebrate Galentine’s Day in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

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