One of the Tallest Christmas Trees in the World Will Be Unveiled at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

You may be happy to hear that in just two weeks Toronto’s largest Christmas tree will be unveiled.  

Unfortunately Halloween is over, which means that we will now be experiencing one and a half months of Christmas music, Christmas decorations, and everything else Christmas related. While some people get annoyed by the early presence of the holiday spirit, some love it. If you are in the latter camp, you’ll be happy to hear that in just two weeks, Toronto’s largest Christmas tree will be unveiled.

Last year, CF Eaton Centre brought in a 100 ft mind-boggling Christmas tree. This year, the tree is expected to be the same size, and maybe even a little bit bigger.

The CF Eaton Centre tree is a highlight for Torontonians that love Christmas. On November 16th, Torontonians and holiday-inspired tourists can see the unveiling of Toronto’s tallest Christmas tree.

At 100 Ft tall or higher, the CF Eaton Centre tree is not only the biggest Christmas tree in Canada but one of the biggest in the world. To put this into perspective, the most famous Christmas tree in the world is located at the Rockefeller Centre in midtown Manhattan, and has been recorded at 100 ft once. Typically the Rockefeller tree averages around 79 ft, making the 100 ft CF Eaton Centre tree truly a treat.