The Best Cheap Grocery Stores in Toronto

With the cost of living soaring ever-so-rapidly, it no longer comes as a shock when you drop a few too many bills on a week’s worth of groceries at your local Loblaws.
With the cost of living soaring ever-so-rapidly, it no longer comes as a shock when you drop a few too many bills on a week’s worth of groceries at your local Loblaws.

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With the cost of living soaring ever-so-rapidly, it no longer comes as a shock when you drop a few too many bills on a week’s worth of groceries at your local Loblaws. In a time where we all have to hustle, we bring you Toronto’s best under-the-radar and cheap grocery stores so you’re not selling your liver just to buy pate from Pusateri’s. This list combined with the best grocery store apps will have your wallet fuller than ever. You can thank us later when you find your bills cut in half!

Here are the best cheap grocery stores in Toronto:

Kensington Market

One thing’s for sure: whatever you may be looking for, it can one hundred percent be found in Kensington Market for a fraction of the price. From fancy dresses to cheap groceries, Kensington is where it’s all at!


If you found your wallet taking a toll during the lime apocalypse, you should’ve hit the rows of fruit stands on Spadina in Chinatown! Chinatown’s cheap grocery stores will most definitely keep your fridge stocked full of some of the town’s freshest produce! And if you’re looking to find a certain tropical fruit you indulged in on that trip to Thailand, you can be sure Chinatown will have them in abundance. Our personal favourites are the Lucky Moose Food Mart (393 Dundas Street West) and the Hua Sheng Supermarket (293 Spadina Avenue). Tip: brush up on your Cantonese and make friends with the owners of the stands, and you’ll be able to get a few more dollars slashed off your total!

T&T Supermarket

From milk cartons and cereal boxes to fresh seafood and sweet potato noodles, T&T is the mecca of all things grocery-related. Always carrying a variety of stock, this Asian supermarket is truly one of Toronto’s finest cheap grocery stores — they’ll even bag your purchases for you without paying that extra 5 cents!

St. Lawrence Market

For those who like to indulge in artisanal goods without having to take out another mortgage, stop by St. Lawrence Market on Saturday evenings where you’ll find some of your favourite meats, cheeses, and spreads on sale! If you’re tired of cooking, be on the look out for pot pies, sandwiches, and ready-made-meals — all at discounted prices!

When it comes to groceries, having a Costco card is basically the equivalent to having a Black Card, but if we’re being realistic, unless you can shop there consistently it just isn’t worth it. That’s where comes in handy. Fill up your cart with anything imaginable from Costco and have it shipped directly downtown (within their delivery district). There is a delivery minimum of $75, but in Costco or bulk terms, that’s pennies – worth it!

No Frills

While it may not be the king of quality, No Frills is the definitely one of the ultimate destinations in terms of value. When the store coined the slogan, “won’t be beat” they weren’t joking. Find the same product somewhere else for cheaper and they’ll price match – no questions asked. Not to mention the company is under the President’s Choice umbrella so not only can you use your PC Points, but you can count on a good variety of products for lower than average cost.

Food Basics

Like the name suggests, Food Basics has your basics covered. Being part of the Metro family, they offer all the same grocery essentials, but for a fraction of the cost. We might even call it an extreme couponers paradise seeing as they guarantee advertised items in their flyer MUST be in stock. If not, let em know and they’ll give you a Rain Check along with an additional 10% off!


While there is a lack of Walmarts in the city core, just an FYI: they have a great online delivery and price matching system too. You can find almost all the same products online, as you can in-stores, and free delivery is awarded when you spend over $50. Just try not to be swayed from your grocery list – a look in all their other departments may result in a not so cheap shopping experience (you really needed those throw pillows, waffle maker, and new closet organizer didn’t you???).


The low-end chain under the Sobeys Inc. umbrella is none other than FreshCo. Head here to shop all the same products you find at Sobeys for a fraction of the price – we’re talking $1-4 cheaper than you’d find at a high-end grocery chain. Be sure to check out their flyers because you can typically find crazy deals on meats. Plus, they are “cheaper guaranteed”, meaning if you find a competitor offering a lower price on something they carry in the store (within 7 days of purchase), they will sell you that item for 1 cent less.

Did we miss any of the best cheap grocery stores in Toronto?

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