I Tried Thrifting Cute Coats—Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrifting Cute Coats—Here’s How It Went

We’ve had our first snowfall here in Toronto, which means it’s about that time of year when our outfits get pretty much entirely covered by coats. Which has its pros and cons. Con: No matter how cute your outfit is, you better find a way to incorporate a coat or freeze. Pro: A coat can single-handedly carry the weight of your outfit. As much as I dislike the cold, I’m a huge fan of styling cute coats and have accumulated quite a few at the thrift store over the years. Living in a place like Toronto, it’s great to have a few go-to’s to get through the winter! 

Coats can get to be pretty expensive, even from fast-fashion stores you can almost always expect to pay at least around $100. Which is one of the many reasons I always try the thrift store first. Now that the cold weather is officially upon us, I decided to go on a coat hunt at my local Value Village to see what I could find, and what you could find, too!

Keep reading to see What coats I found at my local Value Village!

The first coat – or jacket if you will – I came across was by London Fog. It’s made of water-proof material and actually feels quite heavy. Which equals a little more warmth! My favourite part about this jacket is its unique snap closures. I ended up adding this one to my own collection, but don’t worry the rest I left in the store ready to be found. 

Next, I found this super chic navy-blue trench coat! It reminds me of something that one of the royals might wear if it were a tad more tailored. But I actually prefer the loose, boxy fit. I also love the contrast piping it features throughout.

In case you haven’t heard, The Matrix is in. Which is exactly what this black leather trench is serving! All it needs is a pair of opaque sunglasses and it’s a whole look. I love finding my leather pieces at the thrift store, it’s guilt-free and a lot more affordable than buying them new. This one definitely needs to be de-wrinkled but is still so cool.

It doesn’t get much cozier than this coat! I felt its softness as I was going through the racks and had to try it on. I think this one could be styled with a high-glam outfit easily, thanks to its lux texture!

Everyone needs a puffer coat to get them through the winter – especially in Toronto! This one was extra-puffy and had a nice subtle shine finish to it, adding some extra interest to an otherwise simple black puffer.

Last but not least. An honourable mention from thrifts past. This is my all-time favourite thrift find ever. It’s a Max Mara coat that I found at a Value Village last year. If you aren’t familiar with Max Mara, it’s a high-end brand, especially known for its luxury coats. They can cost upwards of a thousand dollars and I paid just under $30 for mine.

Before making a splurge, try thrifting for cute coats first! You may just find your holy grail.

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