10 Cheap And Fun Summer Date Ideas In Toronto

One of the joys about summertime is that it’s actually pleasant to be outside, enjoying the weather with your significant other. Of course, a global pandemic makes dating a little more complicated, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck hanging out on Zoom. There are plenty of safe and cheap date ideas that you can enjoy outdoors.

Grab your face mask and pencil in your date — we’ve got a list of ideas that you’ll love whether you’re just getting to know someone or are together longterm.

Here are 10 cheap summer date ideas in Toronto:

Take A Hike

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If you’re itching to take in all the beauty that Ontario has to offer this summer, why not head out for a hike? There are so many gorgeous trails to visit that are easy to access and pretty cheap, if not free, too. Pack some of your favourite snacks and make a day of it! For the smallest crowds, we suggest visiting the trails during the week. Just be sure to check the official trail websites for new rules and hours of operation — some trails now require you to reserve time ahead of your visit.

Check Out The Zoo

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Although the Toronto Zoo is pretty cool, it’s also pretty expensive so if you’re looking to cut down on spending but still see some cute animals, head to the High Park Zoo. There might not be those wild African animals at the High Park but there are the beloved capybaras that escaped all those years ago, plus some adorable Highland cows!

Cook Up A Storm With Restaurant-Quality Meal Kits

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If you aren’t comfortable with going to a restaurant or patio yet, you can still enjoy great food from your favourite restaurants at home. Grab your significant other and cook up a storm in your own kitchen. From restaurants like Eataly to more budget-friendly options like President’s Choice, there are choices for every price range and whatever you are craving. 

Drive-In Movie 

With various drive-in movies located around the GTA, grab your pillows and snacks and go back in time with this cute, retro, and cheap summer date. Be sure to check out the drive-in’s official website to see what’s this week, our top drive-in picks include Stardust Drive-In and Ontario Place but you can find additional locales via DriveinTO.

Explore The City On A DIY Photography Tour

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For this idea, all you need is a partner, your phones, and a great pair of walking shoes. Toronto is full of interesting areas and attractions. From Grafitti Alley to Kensington Market and beyond, you can create a tour that’s full of the city’s most Instagrammable spots — planning together is half the excitement! Pack some snacks and stop by one of the city’s parks once you’re done. You’ll capture so many memories, it’s sure to be a picture-perfect date.

Grab your floaties and have a Beach Day

With the humidity in full force, there’s nothing better than cooling down in the lake. Luckily, there are plenty of beaches around Toronto — and most are completely free to visit, making it an ideal cheap summer date in Toronto! Like most attractions, we suggest visiting during the week to avoid peak crowds. Additionally, be sure to catch up on new protocols before your visit to avoid disappointment.

Host A Game Night

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for a long time or you’re just getting to know each other virtually, a game night is always great for a little competitive fun, laughs, and starting conversations. For a virtual date, we suggest using the app House Party, which is completely free! Or if you’d rather team up and compete with people from around the world, check out Sporcle — virtual trivia tickets are just $5 per device.

Take A Stroll Through The Distillery District

While it is known for the famous Christmas market, the Distillery District is still worth checking out in the summertime, especially for a cheap summer date in Toronto. It’s a prime spot for patios and there are tons of cute stores to check out, but if you’re looking to save money, we suggest grabbing a coffee and checking out The Word on the Street outdoor art exhibition by L.A.-based artist Scott Froschauer, which is up until October.

Visit Allan Gardens 

For nature lovers, Allan Gardens is the perfect place for a date. This hidden paradise in the middle of the city will make you feel like you ventured off somewhere tropical. With beautiful plants throughout the space, you can soak it all in with your loved one, as well as get a nice pic for your Insta feed. Just remember to bring a face mask!

Check Out A Farmers’ Market

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Right now, local businesses need our support more than ever, so visiting a farmers’ market is a great way to support the little guys and squeeze in an awesome date. There’s a market open almost every day of the week, so you’ve got tons of different options.

Featured Image: Instagram/@sakithranaweera

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