SD Test: My Experience Getting A Custom Swimsuit At Unika Swim

SD Test: My Experience Getting A Custom Swimsuit At Unika Swim

If shopping for swimwear is something you loathe, then I think I have the solution for you. Like shopping for any item, if you find the right fit, you’ll look fabulous no matter what size you are and that’s exactly what the folks at Unika Swim do. Known for creating suits that feel like a second skin, Unika not only offers custom experiences, but you can feel good about shopping local because your swimsuit is actually crafted in-store in Yorkville.

Keep reading to find out what it was like getting a custom-made suit at Unika Swim!

custom swim suit unika

Upon walking into Unika, I was instantly calmed by the smell of soothing palo santo that wafted through the space. I definitely appreciated this detail because even as someone who has always been slim, I detest swimsuit shopping and avoid it at all costs.

After checking in, I was welcomed into a private room to chat with Unika founder, Betsy Campos, about what kind of suit I was looking to get made. I flipped through the Unika Swim line sheets that show customers what your options are — there are over 200 different styles!

custom swim suit unika

After a few flips through the book and talking it all out with Betsy, I decided to opt for a super minimal bandeau-style bikini that would be perfect for tanning at my cottage.

I tried on the samples that Betsy suggested as they were similar to the suit I was going to have made. After finagling a few small details like how high cut the leg would be, how high I wanted the waist, and how I wanted the top to look, I was good to go.

All that was left to do now was pick out a colour — sounds easy, but wait until you see all the options Unika has.

custom swim suit unika

With pretty much any colour, hue, and pattern you can think of, good luck choosing just one for your custom suit. When I walked into Unika for my first fitting, I prided myself on knowing exactly what I wanted. However, I ate my words quickly because I spent a solid half an hour pulling colour options and making decision after decision.

In the end, I opted for a bright red colour that not only will look fab against a bronzy tan, but is different from all the other swimwear I own already.

Once the colour of the suit was finally decided upon and locked down, I scheduled my second fitting for a few weeks later and then I was off on my merry way.

I thought that the time between fittings would crawl by as I was desperate to see my custom-made swimsuit but it honestly flew! The second fitting was super chill — I tried on my suit, took pics, and had a small alteration made to the top to make it a bit narrower. That’s it! I finally had a custom swimsuit of my own and I couldn’t be happier!

custom swimwear unika

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless and enjoyable this process was.

I was so worried that the experience would be so lengthy and time-consuming but the first fitting was around 45 minutes and the second was literally less than 20.

The whole team at Unika was so lovely to work with and I can’t wait to strut about the beach and cottage in my fire engine bright custom swimsuit!

Featured Image: StyleDemocracy

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