Customers are Complaining About Price Hikes During Sears’ Liquidation Sale

Unfortunately, Sears Canada has been unable to go out of business in style despite a ‘great’ clearance sale and major chaos in-stores. 

Sears Canada has been all over the news recently as liquidation sales are underway at remaining stores. But unfortunately, they’ve been unable to go out of business in style despite a ‘great’ clearance sale and major chaos in-stores

As shared by Elizabeth MacMillan on Facebook, the liquidation sales at Sears Canada can be pretty misleading. Prices have been changing and it hasn’t been in favour of the consumer. “Be very careful and check your prices before buying. I looked at four different items I nearly bought a few weeks ago before the liquidation and all of them had their prices changed and were now higher,” she stated in her post.

Other shoppers have reported similar experiences while shopping at Sears Canada.

When Sears was asked to comment on these consumer reports, their spokesperson Vincent Power told Global News that “if there are some cases of regular pricing that may have gone up, then would be odd exceptions, a system error, and not reflecting the spirit of what we are trying to do. We’ll try to make any situation right by our customers if such an issue comes up.”

This isn’t the first time consumers have complained of liquidation prices rising. In 2015, Target struggled with the same issues of price jumping. Although Sears doesn’t come up with the liquidation prices, it still doesn’t look good for the brand as a whole.

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