Popular Brand Deciem Is Officially Open After All The Drama

Popular Brand Deciem Is Officially Open After All The Drama

After all the drama last week, Deciem is officially back in business. After the erratic and confusing Instagram videos from Brandon Truaxe announcing the business was completely done, Estée Lauder took control over the company. Truaxe is now officially banned from using their social channels or contacting any employees. Former co-CEO Nicola Kilner, who Truaxe controversially fired in February, will be taking his place.


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The Deciem Instagram was deactivated on Saturday so currently, you’re unable to see all the strange online behaviour that happened last week. It’s probably for the best if you missed it already. Loyal consumers were freaking out over the news of the closure.

The main website has also been revamped and the online stores continue to operate as usual. While all employees were laid off last week, we assume they will have their job back ASAP.

We will see what continues to unfold but we think the company will try and keep things as normal as possible (despite the name The ABNORMAL Beauty Company). Currently, Deciem has over 370K Instagram followers and a Facebook fan group that has 58,000 followers.