20 Of The Best Places To Get Dessert Delivery In Toronto

20 Of The Best Places To Get Dessert Delivery In Toronto

Desserts aren’t always top of mind when ordering something to eat, but the city’s restaurants have so many delicious things to offer. These days, traditional items have evolved into things unimaginable. The combinations of flavours and sweet and salty items now available leave the taste buds intrigued and curious to probe at what else is out there.

We’ve saved you some time and have done some research to help fulfill that craving for a special treat we all SO deserve these days. While what we have listed below isn’t all that’s available on the market, it is a great place to start!

Here are our favourite places to get dessert delivery in Toronto.

Cupcake Paradise/Earthy Gut is a vegetarian bakery that offers a selection of cupcakes (vegan, too!), cakes, cookies, and butter cookies. All you have to do is head online, choose your favourite desserts, and ship them right to your house. You can also check out UberEats for same-day delivery.

Craque de Creme is where creme brûlée lovers will want to order from. Available through UberEats, you’ll find creme brûlée flavours like cinnamon toast crunch, lemon cheesecake, Oreo, and more, plus other desserts like sticky toffee pudding, carrot cake, waffles, and ice cream.

Tre Mari Bakery is a well-known bakery that has been around for over 50 years and is now offering home delivery. This St. Clair staple offers everything from pastries to cakes and cookies, fresh-baked bread, and even homemade tomato sauce. For those who live in the delivery zone, your order is expected to be delivered 1-2 days after it is placed. But if you don’t live within the free delivery zone, no stress! Tre Mari Bakery will deliver for a small fee. Add the cannolis to your order — you won’t regret it!

Craig’s Cookies offers everything from its classic flavours like Chocolate Chip, Ferrero Rocher, Maple Bacon, Nutella, and so many other delicious cookie combinations. You can order cookies or cookie dough if you want to bake them yourself. Craig’s Cookies even has a great selection of 340g bags of Pilot Coffee Roasters. Orders can be placed online but if you want same-day delivery, you can always check out UberEats.

The Night Baker has a rotating menu with cookie flavours that are out of this world. Some drool-worthy flavours include The Classic (dark chocolate with walnuts and sea salt), Campfire Smores (toasted marshmallows with chocolate chunks and cocoa), Mistachio (roasted pistachios with matcha and white chocolate), OOH Bae (Ube cheesecake with Ube jam filling), Milk’N’Oreos (milk cookie Oreo with white chocolate), and many more. Be sure to check out The Night Baker’s current menu to see which of its rotating cookie flavours are available at the moment. You can order these delicious desserts online, or through many delivery apps.

Nadége Patisserie has implemented a home delivery service that offers you everything from baked goods to baking kits, macarons, individual and large cakes, chocolate bonbons, and so much more. Packed with your favourite goodies, this box will be delivered right to your door.

Butter Baker offers a large selection of cakes, pies, croissants, cookies, beignets, danishes, and ice cream available for a no-contact delivery. There’s a small delivery fee and a minimum order of $25 but in our opinion, that’s money well spent!

The Cupcake Shoppe offers delivery on your favourite cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and more! Whether you want triple chocolate fudge, red velvet, cookie dough, or any other delicious flavours, The Cupcake Shoppe will bake it up for you. Be sure to check out the seasonal flavours, too. All of the goodies are made from scratch every day and they are 100% nut-free!

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is a little bakeshop is delivering cookie comfort and smiles across Toronto and Canada and even offers same-day delivery! Check out the selection of cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream sandwiches that are sure to satify your sweet tooth.

Dufflet has a few ways to order the desserts you know and love. Check out the site for the handful of options you can consider, whether that be delivery for a certain or even pick up (in case you change your mind!). The Dufflet Pastries wholesale division even supplies restaurants, cafés, caterers, grocers, and gourmet food shops across Canada with a dynamic selection of desserts from signature collections and specialty lines.

La Diperie offers a large selection of ice cream, cookies, and do-it-yourself dough! Also available for order are donuts, cakes, and milkshakes. You can order any or all of these delicious desserts for delivery or pick-up directly from its website!

iHalo Krunch offers delivery of your favourite cold pints right to your door. Using UberEats, you can order flavours like Bean There Done That, Ubenut, Black on Black, Meet Your Matcha, and so many more delicious flavours and eat them from the comfort of your couch. Be sure to check out the twists and combos!

FUGO Desserts is a great spot to check out if it’s donuts you’re craving. Specializing in mini donuts, this shop has so many delicious types to choose from, including cinnamon sugar, lemon meringue, SKOR, and plenty more. To place your order, all you have to do is click into your UberEats app. You’ll also find cookies and tiramisu for order.

COPS specializes in two things, filter coffee and delicious mini doughnuts, which are always made fresh to order from scratch. The company now has four locations throughout the GTA, and you can order online on the site or on food delivery platforms like UberEats.

Soma Chocolatemaker is a sweet spot for all things chocolate. Online, you can shop a selection of giftables, toffees, cookies, chocolate bars, truffles, and more. You can get delivery anywhere in Canada!

Death In Venice is a Toronto-based gelato shop that has a huge variety of flavours available on most delivery apps. For $11.75 a pint plus delivery fees, you can indulge in tastes like Ricotta Rosemary Lemon, Bourbon and Smoked Chocolate, Nutella and Cookies, Mango Coconut Lime Leaf, and more.

Bunners is a great vegan bakery where you can find squares, muffins, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, scones, and much more. While you can shop each item individually, we’d suggest splurging on a combo box so that you can try a variety of items. Delivery is now available directly through Bunners’ website!

Mango Like Dessert is an Asian dessert spot that delivers through UberEats. On the menu, you’ll find mango-themed desserts like mille crepe cake, sticky rice, pudding, and more. Plus desserts like taro crepe pockets and moochi.

The Social Blend‘s specialty is Korean-style macarons, which you can mix and match in its box bundles! But that’s not all this dessert place offers, you can also indulge in tasty cloud cookies, cake boxes, and more. Order for delivery or pick-up or even schedule a delivery for a later date, directly from its website!

Short and Sweet Bakeshop was founded in 2009 and is still serving up delish sweets to this day! Here, you can order cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more, which are made with only the finest ingredients! Delivery is offered all throughout the GTA, the order minimum just varies depending on the location. You won’t want to skip out on a pack of Short & Sweet’s iconic cupcakes – and did we mention this bake shop is 100% nut-free!?

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