11 Places To Go In Toronto To Get The Best Bubble Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy a some bubble tea? Bubble tea seems to be a drink that almost everyone seems to love. For a little background, bubble tea (or boba) is a Taiwanese drink that has grown to be popular worldwide. Bubble tea is available in tons of different flavours, with seemingly ever-growing options. Whether your preference is milk-based or smoothie-based boba, there are a lot of places in Toronto where you can grab this flavourful and delicious drink. From well-known bubble tea franchises to local cafés, keep reading to know where to find the best bubble tea in Toronto!

Here are places to go to get the best bubble tea in Toronto!

The Alley

This aesthetically pleasing (and totally insta worthy) café is one of Toronto’s best spots to grab bubble tea. The folks here even make their own tapioca seeds from scratch! The Alley has various locations, including multiple scattered around Toronto. While we know this spot for its amazing bubble tea, however, the tea menu here is actually quite extensive and worth checking out.

Chatime Innovation Bar

Chatime Innovation Bar is the curated version of Chatime, with two different locations in Toronto. It’s here that you can find bubble tea in any flavour that you could ever dream of as well as some unique options that you didn’t even know you needed. We recommend checking out this spot to have some great boba, and to try out some different flavours!

Bobo Tea & Juice

Stop by this shop if you’re in the Fort York area! Bobo Tea & Juice has a ton of options of flavor to offer all of its customers. Not only does it have all of the classic tea and milk tea beverages, but it also has flavours like tangerine, blueberry, grapefruit, and more.


Founded in 2016 by Xing Su and Sijian Chen, the young professionals found there was a need for traditional tea/Gongfu tea in Toronto. Joining the small business of Toronto Chinatown, the physical location opened in 2017. Icha Tea aims to provide the young generation in North America with natural and high-quality pure-leaf tea!

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

This popular beverage franchise is known for its great bubble tea options. If you’re not in the mood for the long lines or steep prices that trendy cafes can bring, Coco’s is another great Toronto option. The menu has standard bubble tea flavours, as well as some specialty options! 

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is another classic bubble tea favourite in Toronto. This tea shop uses honey to keep the flavours as authentic as possible, as well as being a healthier bubble tea option. What’s cool about this spot is that it offers all-natural flavours. If you’re looking for authenticity and natural bubble tea, Kung Fu Tea may be worth checking out. 

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a newer-to-Toronto (and Canada!) boba shop. This shop is known for the “tiger stripes” in its milk teas which are made out of caramelized brown sugar. Tiger Sugar’s menu differs from the rest by having nothing fruity as all bubble teas are brown-sugar based. Tiger Sugar is definitely a must-try in Toronto for non-fruity bubble tea!


FormoCha is a café that serves bubble tea and other beverages, along with Taiwanese snacks. There’s a classic boba menu that offers both milk-tea and smoothie bases. FormoCha is another Toronto favourite that serves authentic (not-to-mention aesthetically pleasing) boba!

OneZo Tapioca

We couldn’t leave OneZo Tapioca out of this list! This bubble tea shop uses fresh ingredients and handmade tapioca, to make some of the best bubble teas around. The menu is extensive with classic bubble tea options, as well as some unique (sometimes themed!) options. 

Bubble Lee

Immerse yourself in the taste and culture of Taiwan! By using pure, high-quality sugar cane and brown sugar, Bubble Lee highlights the natural flavour of each ingredient. It’s seriously delicious!

Gong Cha

You’re going to definitely want to make a stop at Gong Cha! Along with all of the unique and mouthwatering options of beverages to try, the company also offers bubble waffles. Name a better duo, we dare you.

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